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Thanks for the kind words Vek, we definitely gotta run it back some day! 2012 users just built diffy

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Congrats on 10 years at VGChartz! You do amazing work writing reviews for the site. And thank you for the shoutout! 

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Happy 10th anniversary!! ^^

Machina said:

Congratulations on 10 years.

I'm really grateful for the work you've put in on the review team. Not just the crazy amount of reviews you've written (346 by my count - more than double the next most prolific writer), but especially for the behind-the-scenes stuff; helping pick new writers, coming up with the review guidelines, always being there if I need a hand with something or some advice.

I hope you stick around for another 10 years!

And of course Spurge sent you your first friend request xD

Thank you! That means a lot.

I’m super proud of all we’ve accomplished.

Congratulations for your first 10 years here. I hope many more will follow.

ice said:

Thanks for the kind words Vek, we definitely gotta run it back some day! 2012 users just built diffy

You were supposed to bring an apocalypse and failed. Don't go braging about how special you are .

Please excuse my bad English.

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A decade already VGC has definitely benefited from you been around. Probably the nicest guy on the site and your taste in games is pretty great as well.

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Thread enthusiast. Looking at my stats, that sure is my role here !
Thank you for being there Veknoid, I remember the blast we had sharing our experiences of BOTW when it released on the forum. It was awesome ! Hope to share some more once Tears of the Kingdom releases ^^

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Vek! I really appreciate you so much and thanks for the shoutout! Thank you for being one of the brightest stars of this website for the last 10 years!

I'd hardly call this "self-promotion", congrats Vek!

I remember when I first joined, I always imagined how it'd feel like to reach a decade on the site, it's crazy how fast it comes. I also remember that you were there from the beginning and were always a fun user to talk to.

That said, you really need to get things going with the Zelda replay series.

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Damn. Never thought about doing a 10 yr. anniversary thread myself. Such a good idea.

Congrats on reaching that threshold, Vek. Looking at your timeline, you hit the ground running when it comes to submissions. A nice progression from poster, VGC writer, and so on. Hats off to that.