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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite Pokémon generation?


What's your favorite Pokémon generation?

Red/Blue 128 25.75%
Silver/Gold 138 27.77%
Ruby/Sapphire 47 9.46%
Diamond/Pearl 60 12.07%
Black/White 45 9.05%
X/Y 29 5.84%
Sun/Moon 17 3.42%
Sword/Shield 33 6.64%

Gen 1 since it started it all, the rest felt pretty much a 'copy/paste' with new skins and updates.

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V-r0cK said:

Gen 1 since it started it all, the rest felt pretty much a 'copy/paste' with new skins and updates.

So you're telling me you just don't like the core concept of a sequel then? Because, like, Pokemon is no more 'copy/paste' than your average game franchise. An entirely new world with new sprites and new animations, a new story with new music and usually a significant portion of new characters/pokemon, new gameplay features and side content. Etc. Etc. Etc. While yes, subsequent generations DO in fact reuse the pokemon and moves from prior generations, that's less 'copy paste' and more 'building on what is there'. 

There's nothing out of the ordinary about the way Pokemon goes about its sequels. Same base gameplay with tweaks and a new world/assets/story. That's how most games do their sequels. Nobody's going around saying that Super Mario Bros 3 is just the first game with copy and paste gameplay, despite it basically being the same running and jumping, fighting goombas and koopas, shooting fire, going down pipes, etc. 


Kinda shocked more people don't like Generation 5. First generation that basically started from scratch with a fresh, new 150 pokemon (Many of which ended up being among my all-time favourites), by far the best story, and the last generation of the 'old-school' style (As in it was still marginally hard to paly and beat before all the quality of life improvements that made the game a breeze). They dialled back the crazy number of legendaries from gen 4, the starters were better, etc. Basically, Generation V was the refinement of Gen 1 I had been waiting for and to this day it's not been topped. 

My rankings go: 5 > 1> 8 > 3 > 6 > 4 > 2 > 7 

I didn't hate any of them but 7 was the only one I didn't love. Removing gyms and replacing them with the island trials just wasn't doing it for me. I did love how they did regional variants there, though I think they started that in Gen 6. 

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Silver/Gold/Crystal -- mostly because my parents got me Gold and my aunt got me Silver for my seventh birthday and I played both more than any other Pokémon generation. Also Houndour was my favorite Pokémon for a while (until Latias) and having two regions in one game is pretty nice. Pokémon 2000 and Pokémon 3 were also my favorite Pokémon movies. After Gen 2, then Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald and then Red/Blue/Yellow.

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Hope it is more difficult and tutorials become optional.

A mixture of its originality and childhood nostalgia makes Red/Blue an easy pick for me here. 

Gen 1, because that's the one I played and that's when I was part of the target audience. I was out of it already by the end of that gen and never played Gen 2.

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That depends.

Gameplay 2 > 4 > 3 > 5 > 8 > 1 > 6
Especially when counting the remakes. HGSS are IMO the best games in the franchise. They had plenty to do, plenty of different Pokemon, 16 gyms and a nice bunch of mini-games. It's actually pretty embarrassing that no Pokemon games have lived up to them since, despite the massive increases in technology since then. They were even held back by the Gameboy/DS, yet newer games can't even match them. WTF Gamefreak? Being held back by hardware limitations absolutely isn't an excuse any more!

Setting/new Pokemon
3 > 4 > 8 > 6 > 1 > 5 > 2
Hoenn and Sinnoh were fantastic. Loved a bunch of the new Pokemon too, especially the starters. Hoenn starters were fantastic! One of the few gens where I liked all 3 starter choices. A lot of the gen 1/2 Pokemon are pretty bland/generic. Some fantastic ones in there, which is why I put gen 1 ahead of gen 5, but still so many dull ones.

4 > 3 > 1 > 5 > 2
Some really interesting character development/rivalries in gens 3 and 4. I love that they introduced some new main characters. Kasumi was fine at the beginning, but she just didn't develop as a character and ended up being boring. Haruka was a nice breath of fresh air and contests added something more to the story than just gym battles. Then Hikari was even better! Plus Shinji was the best rival. Similar kind of rival to Shigeru, accept had a much bigger role in the story whereas Shigeru would only show up once in a blue moon. Gen 1 was pretty weak in terms of story/characters but it had a lot of humour at least. Gen 2 just sucked. Lost the humour of gen 1, but didn't yet have an interesting story either. Seemed to drag on way too long too, I guess due to delays in the gen 3 release? The Pokemon league at the end was fantastic, it just took so long to get there!

Bonus: That it focuses on content, specifically single player content! I've no interest at all in competitive battling or whatever, I just want some stuff to do after finishing the main story/Pokemon league. The raid battles in gen 8 were a nice idea, just really annoying that you were forced to do them in co-op. And that it doesn't just try to sell itself on cheap gimmicks (eg. mega evolution or x moves).

I've always been going back and forth between Gen 2 and Gen 5. They are both peak pokemon.

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Machina said:

A mixture of its originality and childhood nostalgia makes Red/Blue an easy pick for me here. 

Same here.  Came out when I was in jr high, so the perfect age range.  Plus, I feel the degree of difficulty is higher.  Not in the sense that it was unbeatable, but bc with each new release I feel the game gets easier.  We went from having to strategically plan fights and train Pokémon, you had to remember what was effective, etc etc.  now, everything’s done for you, down to the leveling up.  I can have a level 50 Pokémon on my team that I caught as a level 5 and it wouldn’t even ever have to fight.

I guess that’s what I’m hoping for with the next game, something a little more challenging 

I’ve only played Blue, X, and white. X and White seem to be just remakes of Blue with different Pokémon and different villains, but the story was not different enough to he truly different.

I don’t think they’re different enough to really pick a favourite - for me it would be White because I played that one first of the three. Not sure if all Pokémon games are basically remakes or not. I respect how popular they are and love to see their success. That’s all I really have to say.

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Blue for me. I put hundreds of hours in that game as a kid. Then deleted my file and put in more hundreds of hours for fun. I didn't think Silver was as good. Never finished it. I might have been burnt out on Pokemon, and my age at the time probably didn't help either. I stopped playing the mainline games there. Have kind of wanted to get back into it, but the mainline games seem pretty samey, and I have a big backlog, so that makes it pretty low priority for me.

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