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Forums - Gaming Discussion - 11 JRPG's releasing between 7/29 - 11/2022; 3 you KNOW you will play by end of 2022!

Xxain said:
CladInShadows said:

If anything, it would be Xenoblade 3, but I still have about half of Chronicles X to finish, and Chronicles 2. The backlog is real.

It's been a bit of a JRPG year though. Played through all the FF Pixel Remasters and Treasure of the Rudras. And I have Live A Live on deck.

How you like Treasure of the Rudra? Love that game.

Absolutely fantastic. I never even knew it existed until the middle of last year. Discovered it along with Live A Live. So I grabbed a bootleg copy from AliExpress to play on my Super NT.

It could have easily been a Final Fantasy 6.5, and it's interesting that some of the backstory around the game mentions that it was one of the possible candidates for Final Fantasy 7. Beautiful game too. Maybe a step below PS1 quality for the 2D animations.

It had a really cool premise/story that stayed satisfying until the very end.

And that soundtrack! 

Yeah, if they did a re-release of the game like they did with Live A Live, I'd easily play it again.

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Will definitely play Tactics Ogre though it may or may not be this year.

Probably Crisis Core too at some point. Maybe Harvestella and Soul Hackers.

Will wait for reviews for Valkyrie Elysium and Diofield.