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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Bayonetta 3 release date announced

Chrkeller said:
Agente42 said:

Agreed. Big fan of hack and slash and derivatives, Bayo, DMC, Vanquish, and old God of the Wars was the apex of exceptional action games. 

Oh man I loved Vanquish.  that was superb.  

Waiting a Vanquish 2. 

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Old Bayonetta is the villain that boss at the end of the trailer indicates points to it.

axumblade said:
Norion said:

Unless I'm missing something this leaves Metroid Prime 4 as the last Switch game announced in 2017 without a release date. With this and the Kirby thing I wonder why Nintendo didn't just do a normal direct last month with those trailers included in it.

The Kirby game was kind of a Fall Guys style cashgrab but Bayo could technically been in the partner direct some Platinum are working on it. So it’s a bit weird they were left off. Maybe due to time? Or maybe to keep it somewhat kid friendly since it is rated M? I dunno. 

I guess they might've thought the trailer would get seen more if uploaded by itself instead of being shown alongside a bunch of other ones since it'll get more focused coverage but a lot of people didn't bother watching the direct due to it being a partner one so I doubt that's the best way.

The graphics and overall polish in this latest trailer are a notable step up over its gameplay debut last September.
Platinum have clearly been hard at work.

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