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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Rumors While We Wait For the Next Nintendo Direct


Will there be a Nintendo Direct next week?

Yes, and with Donkey Kong 6 35.29%
Yes, but no Donkey Kong 8 47.06%
No, Alanah was trolling us for Sony 3 17.65%

Well... Nintendo's Directs this year have all seemed tailor made for me. Honestly, the rumours of it being a partner showcase mini really dampened excitement. But this was packed with great announcements and I enjoyed this one just as much as any usual general direct.
So many great games, so little time and money...


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I wish it ended up being a normal direct but it was pretty nice for a mini partner showcase one. Really you'd just need to put in at least a couple first party announcements and it would've been a good general direct.

Congrats to Basil.