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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Rumors While We Wait For the Next Nintendo Direct


Will there be a Nintendo Direct next week?

Yes, and with Donkey Kong 6 35.29%
Yes, but no Donkey Kong 8 47.06%
No, Alanah was trolling us for Sony 3 17.65%

If we do get Bayonetta 3 news/release date that would be pretty nice but I'm not expecting it. A Hollow Knight release date isn't out of the question though.

Then there's always that rumored Switch Resident Evil "exclusive" from Capcom that would be great if that happened. But if anything, it'd more likely just be cloud versions of the RE2/3 remakes. :/

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Raven said:

People are saying possible Battle Network collection. Would be pretty sweet. 

This came true.

Well... Nintendo's Directs this year have all seemed tailor made for me. Honestly, the rumours of it being a partner showcase mini really dampened excitement. But this was packed with great announcements and I enjoyed this one just as much as any usual general direct.
So many great games, so little time and money...


I wish it ended up being a normal direct but it was pretty nice for a mini partner showcase one. Really you'd just need to put in at least a couple first party announcements and it would've been a good general direct.

Congrats to Basil.