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Forums - Sony Discussion - Which PSN+ Plan are you opting for?

LurkerJ said:

I stuck with Essential and I am happy with my decision. Apparently, games on higher tiers come and go, so I have to play them before they "expire", which is not going to happen as I game on the Switch mainly and the PS5 occasionally, essential games are mine as long as I keep my subscription active (which I renew during holiday periods and cost me nothing ultimately). Also, the quality of games offered hasn't dropped after introducing Extra/Premium..

Being an essential member since PS Plus launch has been an excellent investment.

Games leaving the service is an unfortunate downside, if they never come back. I know I'm going to miss some games here and there, but even if I have to buy them afterwards, Extra still looks like a really good bang for your buck if you have enough wiggle room when it comes to carving out time for gaming. If you're gaming on multiple devices, and the service isn't available on the others, or they just have their own worthy services and games, then Extra and Premium won't provide as much value in that case.

What I'll be keeping a close eye on, is how many Plus Extra games will get given away as Plus Essential games next year. That will be a big deciding factor as to whether I stick with Extra. It's nice to get an earlier shot at more games, but if many are just going to end up on Essential 6-12 months later, I'll probably end up downgrading and then buying those must have games at their launch.

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Bought a year's worth of Premium just to test it out and see how I utilize it. The Classics section has not been updated as much as I hoped it would be and I really don't care for streaming games, so I'll probably knock it down to Extra if I plan to continue with it.