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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Official Xbox & Bethesda Summer Showcase 2022 thread- Starting now!


Rate the Xbox/Bethesda showcase?

10 7 10.14%
9 11 15.94%
8 14 20.29%
7 10 14.49%
6 13 18.84%
5 4 5.80%
4 5 7.25%
3 3 4.35%
2/1 1 1.45%
Undecided/NA 1 1.45%

Links to the VGChartz articles on the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase:

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the-pi-guy said:

Feels like a 6/10.  

There were quite a few games and good diversity. But the only game that really stood out to me was Starfield. 

There were a lot of good announcements for people that are already Xbox owners I think. Expansions for big games and some long awaited ports. 

But I don't think there was as much for someone who isn't already playing those games. 

Pretty much. Maybe bump that to a 6.5. Good pacing though games weren't that of an interest to me besides Starfield (which looks like it could do with a lot more polish) and Diablo IV - which looked fantastic.

The only big reveal was Forza Motorsport I feel.. And that Kojima announcement felt like a load of nothing-burger. Hate when companies feel the need to announce games several years in advance.

Lets see.
Good speed to it. A nice rhythm of game announcements.
Lots of games that didn't get spoiled.
Too much Forza.
Surprised at the lack of Avowed. If those are games coming out in a year does that mean anything not shown is more than a year out?

Hilarious points for getting Persona before Switch did. I mean Switch got Persona 5 striker, and Persona for smash for not actually Persona 5.
More hilarious points for the fact "No many sky" is trending because of Starfield.

Not sure if I will play any of those games. Will have to wait closer to when they come out and shake out all that "temporary exclusive" etc.
The Kojima announcement was massively weak. Like just wait until you have at least a trailer right?

So my final score is... undecided.

You are bound to love Earthbound.

Looks like I am going to have to get PC gamepass for Wo Long.

The first worthwhile game announced for it.

Very boring and Starfield looks shit.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

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I think xbox had a lot of pressure this year cus people are just sick of waiting. So its natural to think it was worst than it actually was cus they obviously dint deliver.

I felt like this show was a 4. But in any other non controversy filled year this could have felt like a 6. So I compromised and rated it at 5.

The biggest pressure was on starfield and it honestly looked so bland. This really looked like if no mans sky had a bigger budget. The rest of the games dint even leave an impression to really want to talk about it.

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CaptainExplosion said:
smroadkill15 said:

Just stop. Nobody is calling it the greatest. Most rate it in the range of 6-8/10, depending on taste. Your "neutral" take is not reflective of how most view it. 4/10 is extremely low for an objectively good show. 

Then I was ready to objectively yawn for much of it.

Not all of get baited into rumors and get upset when those rumors don't pan out.  

Good gamepass content, a bit of a bloated show though.

I have mixed feelings about starfield. Ultimately dissapointing first look but the promise is there. The artstyle didn't excite me, combat didn't excite me, precedural generated content didn't excite me, no story elements excited me.. but the world looks highly detailed, the exploration ambitious and its Bethesda, so I shouldn't have expected a show stopping gameplay demo. Their games are the type that you have to sit down to experience. I remember not getting the hype for Oblivion until I properly dived into the world. Still I'd say my excitement for this game has now moved over to Mass Effect 4

Otherwise stand outs to me were Revenlok & Cacoon. Honestly with the nature of MS showing I think they should go the sony route and just have smaller dedicated shows throughout the year insteading of hyping a 90min show.

I'd give it a 6/10.

7 if it was more condensed and Starfield impressed more.

8 if there were any big surpises

9 if they had Everwild and HellBlade on show with a 2023 confirmed date.

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I enjoyed the conference! I’m not sure I’m super confident in all of the games they showed being released within the next year but if they manage to get over half of them, it’s going to be a decent year!

I like how we still shit on NMS based on its launch window, good job id say.
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