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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony donated $50,000 :)

the-pi-guy said:

You're assuming that there are only two positions. You don't have to team up with a group of people on everything to have policies happen. In a lot of countries you have 4 or more political parties.

You could have a "pro-life" party and a pro-gun party be separate parties. And they may or may not vote together on various other issues.

You're saying that games or sports only ever have two sides competing? Sure, you can  work together and draft an opponent throughout a race, taking turns, but when it comes to the finish, it's every man for themselves. If they don't vote together on issues, then how is that any different than now?

the-pi-guy said:

Mostly everything right of moderately conservative.

LOL. So everything east and west northwest is east, but everything west of northwest is west? I'm lost.

Captain D, you're able to pick from player 1 to 75. Captain R, you're able to pick from player 76 to 100. Good luck selecting your winning team. LOL.

the-pi-guy said:

This wasn't an individual. This was a studio donation.

Again, Sony has not made a single public statement about abortion, for or against.

A Studio just makes it worse. Evidence showing you're an accomplice, then staying silent afterwards, doesn't make you free from interpretation. Everyone's waiting for them to speak up and explain.

the-pi-guy said:

I'm saying they do match "pro-life" donations. It's fairly standard practice.

And no, they're telling their employees to respect each other's opinions. Has nothing to do with Sony's position.

So assuming some employee's like chocolate cake, and others like vanilla, and Sony has said everyone should respect others choice of cake at the celebration they are throwing, though has decided to only buy vanilla cake for employee's, but will allow chocolate if the employee's pay for it themselves, would be respecting everyone's tastes?

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Mnementh said:
the-pi-guy said:

They didn't publish an opinion here.

Importantly corporations should back up their employees. Having employees that are happy and healthy is mutually beneficial to the corporation and the employee.

This is the important thing and I think why people are upset. I am perfectly fine with a company being neutral on politics. More: I think that is good, because companies have more power than people but people are more affected by politics. So companies *should* stay out of politics.

But it is good for a company to show support for their employees. And that includes health care.

Health and Healthcare in the USA is god awful.