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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu sales: Week 18+19, 2022 - (25th Apr - 8th May)

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Xbox Sold over 14k so around 7k per week, Not bad at all.

Oh boy!! I thought 2022 had a winning week. I guess not. Oh well!

I almost thought that was goo for Switch beating last year. But nope. 2 weeks versus 1 week. Looks like Xbox had a good Golden Week (2 weeks) with 7K average per week.

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Excellent golden week holiday for Switch software. Switch Sports had a rather good launch in Japan, meantime Kirby is about to cross the 700K gap in physical copies. Will probably pass the million in physical by the end of summer. Game had already shipped 800K in Japan in it's first 2 weeks.

Also despite the down from last year. It is still the 2nd best Golden week for the Switch. Fair enough presence for the two other consoles

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Does Japan LOVE the Series S over the X or they just take what they can get??

Looks like they take what they can get. That said, the count is pretty even But X is up by just a bit.

PortisheadBiscuit said:

Does Japan LOVE the Series S over the X or they just take what they can get??

It seems inevitable that if a decent portion of PS5s are being scalped and sold to surrounding countries, then the same probably applies to X.

But equally the Series is proving more popular everywhere compared to the X1 (bar US?)

Selling 300k in 2 weeks looks good to me. I expect Switch Sports to have some good legs too.

Strong start for Switch Sports, it seems set to become a staple of the top 30 for a long time to come.

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