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Forums - Website Topics - [Staff Announcement] Hiku Promoted To Mod +

Hello VGChartz! I'd like to make a few announcements today. The first is in regards to one of our Moderators!

Although he has been my 2nd In Command for a while now, I'd like you to formally congratulate Hiku on his promotion to a new position called Mod Plus+. This means that you can bring any elevated issues to him should I not be around as he is also in a larger role as mod. I felt that his performance over the past few years (including availability, pinpoint accuracy on moderation issues, and willingness to work a little closer with the community) warranted a bit of recognition. So, again, congratulations @Hiku

Thanks again to all staff that have helped keep VGChartz afloat through many, many transitions, as well as new site staff like Moderators, Site Admins, and Writers! Hope everyone has a marvelous day!

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The new flags (didn't know they were called like that) look great, less sterile. Good font choice.
And congrats Hiku of course.

Edit: Well back to the old flags then.

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The font looks very similar to the Halo font. I approve! They look good.

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I love all this, badges and Hiku. Only thing, for me the badges appear low-res. Is there an svg or vectorial version? The text looks a bit pixelated on my end (4k)

Tbh the flags don't look right. Most of them looks blurry, the S is cut off from "Sales Team" looking at Trunkswd's profile picture and some of them look stretched. I think the font doesn't work because it's so small. I think with small font sizes, the simpler the better.


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Mine look kind of blurry.

Hmmm.... tested in 1440p and on iPhone and it looks good on my end. Have to test further.

Some of the words will be reduced so they fit, but res looks fine in all devices I've tried, as it is the same it's always been.

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Is the site compressing the tag a bit, they look a bit blurry. But good change overall :)


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Here is what it looks like on my end

Light mode

All flags updated.