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That's much worse, I'd go back lol


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But the current ones look so clean.

Gotta say I don't really like them. They're hard to read and look significantly less professional than the old ones,

We're still testing other ones, so don't fret. I'm gauging site feedback and testing. May go back to the old ones but clean them up. They are actually old PNG files and could use better typography.


New Flags abandoned. Long live the old!

Except Hiku, the man of honor, who hasn't even visited us here yet! 


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Gz on the new staff tag Hiku.

Congrats Hiku. Although you should have lobbied for a cooler title.

Congrats Hiku.

Awaiting the announcement of me being the first Mod -??!?

So basically I get a flag and do nothing except be on my best behaviour.

I'll try.


Edit: Also appreciate all the work lately, new flags, numbers at the front fixed. Good to see.

I appreciate that I'm the only one with a new tag.

Grats Hiku!

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