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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu sales: Week 13, 2022 - (21st Mar - 27th Mar)

TruckOSaurus said:
UnderwaterFunktown said:

Switch sales slightly down compared to last year.

Good opening for Kirby. If it has legs like Star Allies 1 mil should be very feasible.

I think you didn't check the right column, Switch is massive down from last year 83.8k vs 267.5k, but that was to be expected since last year had Monster Hunter Rise.

Either that or it was a joke. I guess the world might never know.

Major Switch Titles Launch Aligned

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  • Switch - 24m
  • PS5 - 15.5m
  • Xbox Series - 10m

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Mar1217 said:

Kirby vs MH Rise was never going to be a fair competition really.

Anywoo, excellent FW for Kirby and the Forgotten Land which beats every previous Kirby games FW. I'd imagine the digital count (15-20% ratio) would put it around 430K to 450K in total. Counting the fact these games have usually pretty good legs. The million should be attainable in a few months.

That would be my guess as well, but we have to wait until May to find out for sure.

What happened to Xbox X|S? 3554 lat week and only 390 this week. 

Chicho said:

What happened to Xbox X|S? 3554 lat week and only 390 this week. 

They are prioritizing higher volume markets I would imagine. 

Nice opening for Kirby

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Sony shipping big just as the FY closes... i see :p
Kirby with a great opening. Was expecting a bit more but still really good. Game has great WoM online so i expect it to have pretty decent legs. So nice to see all these franchises take ambitious leap and being rewarded for it. Wii/Wii U era was a very stale era for these games and i couldn't be happier to see the devs have more liberty now. Clearly the weight of having only 1 system to support shows more than ever now.

Kirby did amazing. Switch sales not so good in comparison.

Sony warehouse people walked into a warehouse saw a bunch of PS5s that had been sitting there for months.

That's a lot of Kirby. It's weird that it didn't affect Switch sales though. I'm thinking there may be some supply issues in Japan after all.

Also, Mario Kart is up WoW again! It's doing so well that it's above Arceus. That DLC seems to be having a steady increase on MK8's sales instead of a huge first week boost.

Amazing numbers for Kirby and, not surprisingly, it's the biggest launch for the series ever.

MK8DX is an unstoppable beast.

Breath of the Wild goes back to the top 10, nice.

Elden Ring on PS4 has been holding well.

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Wish we knew Minecrafts digital sales but I'm willing to bet the game in total is above 4m.