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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The "I can't believe I didn't play this game last year" thread

Waiting 6 months to a year to buy a game is actually my usual MO because I want to have the best, most bug free experience possible.
However, I had a revelation just a couple of days ago playing What Remains of Edith Finch, a game that is *multiple* years old.
I had overlooked this game because it's an indie title and it's a "walking simulator" with very simple controls, a type of game that I usually don't find very interesting to begin with.
Holy crap, what a journey. The storytelling, the atmosphere and the sheer creativity in how all the little stories are presented in such different and unique ways. Emotionally haunting. Wow.

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Jpcc86 said:

Hollow Knight for me, nowadays its one of my favorite games of all time and I originally played it a bit over a year after it released for consoles, late in 2019.
Which I gotta say, in retrospect, sounds weird, because I knew about it before it released, and im a huge metroidvania fan. Everything about that game felt like it was gonna be my cup of tea. Yet I waited around until I gave it a chance.

You're better than some *cough* @Veknoid_Outcast *cough*. Like you he loves Metroidvanias but somehow to this day refuses to play Hollow Knight (no matter how much I pester him about it too!).

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For me it was God of War (2018) I never got the chance to play it on PS4 and was super stoked when it was announced for PC. What an experience......I just finished the story and working on getting all the remaining collectables, treasure maps, and odin ravens.

I'm currently playing Deaths Door. I knew it was good but never got around to playing it.

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity (Playing it with Someone, both finished BotW and is our first time playing it).
So much fun on the hardest difficulty.

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Darashiva said:

Practically every game I ever play these days. I almost never play games the year they are released anymore, and more often than not I'm at least two or three years behind in playing most of them. The only exceptions to this rule from the last decade are Final Fantasy VII Remake, which I bought only about six months after release, and Elden Ring, which I'm currently just waiting to arrive at some point this week.


I just got Mario Party Superstars a few weeks ago. I'm amazed how good it is. It's the best Mario Party I've ever played.

The_Liquid_Laser said:

I just got Mario Party Superstars a few weeks ago. I'm amazed how good it is. It's the best Mario Party I've ever played.

I thoroughly enjoy MPS but I am hoping they give it the MK8 treatment and release new boards as dlc

Kind of... none. My backlog is huge and new games that interest me enough for me to get them even the year they're released are extremely rare, so I usually play games even older than last year's. Due to my tendency to get games so late anyway, I don't get hyped all that much, so if anything, I'm pleasantly surprised when I get to a new game (well, new to me). As a result, I don't recall a single time I thought "wow, why didn't I play this earlier".

I've got Astral Chain just waiting for me on the corner of my backlog list. Can't wait to see if all the praise had some justifications to them. There's also the physical release of Disco Elysium, let's see if it's the GOAT Role playing game people said it was as well.

But if we're going with a release I actually played that was released a while back ... I don't have one actually since most that would qualify are basically in my backlog as well lol.

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