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Forums - Politics Discussion - Russia and Ukraine flashpoint

KiigelHeart said:

Just saw this, maybe this explains why that Hungarian fellow though only US wants to support Ukraine. I can only speak for Finland here, but this is a flat out lie. Every survey says over 90% of people here want more sanctions to Russia even if it means higher energy etc prices and more support to Ukraine. 

I saw the actual survey: The question was extremely biased and basically amounted to "do you want peace or them to be at war forever and spilling over into EU?". Of course, if the question is loaded like that, most say peace. I'm actually surprised many more saw through this and didn't choose peace, I was expecting a 90%+ result due to how the question was asked.

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Bofferbrauer2 said:
Ka-pi96 said:

TIL dictionaries don't exist in russia. If they did they'd know that putin's regime is MUCH closer to the Nazis than anything Ukraine has ever had.

What's that? Never heard of this before.

Abbreviation of ‘today I learned’.

Only 14 from Germany 😏

Hmm. So America expects them to be used in an offensive? Interesting.

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Great ally. /s.

Meanwhile Russia is kitting out their biggest rival (Iran).

Fucking cowards.

31 Abrams (USA) + 14 Challengers (UK) + 14 Leopards (Germany) + 14 Leopards (Poland) = 73 Western MBTs Pledged So Far.

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IS there an exhaustive list somewhere of what has been sent or pledged to Ukraine so far?