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Forums - Politics Discussion - Russia and Ukraine flashpoint

Compared to last week.
+1850 Troops
+5 Planes
+97 Tanks
+3 Helicopters
+245 personnel carriers (APV)
+54 Artillery
+4 Boats/cutters
+33 MLRS
+7 Anti-aircraft
+106 UAV
+3 Special equipment
+146 Vehicles/fuel tanks (now combined)
+10 Cruise missiles (new)

Key takeaways:
The number of planes and helicopters losses by Russia is significantly down but, given the information we have, it is only for the fact Ukrainian are so good at shooting them down that Russia aren't using them anymore.
The number of Tanks and personnel carriers are also down but mitigated by an increase in vehicles and, more importantly, MLRS.
All in all the Ukrainian defense continue to be strong and inflict significant losses to Russia who have very little to show for more than 2 months in.

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Torpoleon said:

Great that Switch has surpassed 100m before the end of the year! Looks like it will pass the Wii in the following week and hopefully it surpasses the PS1 before the year closes out.

Jumpin said:
Ryuu96 said:

I wanted to say thank you for continuously compiling all these updates.

I wanted to second this -  Ryuu96, your effort is really appreciated!

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tagging as its getting harder to find this thread and thanks Ryuu for keeping it updated.