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Forums - Politics Discussion - Russia and Ukraine flashpoint

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Just to say thank you for the updates, especially Ryuu96, you are my main source of information on this war.

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Since this is a gaming website and I don't want to derail the Nintendo subforum, it's ridiculous that Advance Wars Reboot is still delayed indefinitely. It's a double-standard, for sure. If a NATO country invaded Ukraine, do you think Nintendo would've withheld the game from release? Highly doubtful. The same year the USA invaded Iraq, they released Advance Wars 2.

I can sort of understand not releasing the game right as the invasion commenced, but it's nearly 2023. The game is cartoony and has no real countries anyway. There's virtually no chance Nintendo releases the game in 2022, even if it's digital-only. It really should release Q1 2023.

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