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Forums - Sales Discussion - When do you all think the next major console price cut will be?

Mandalore76 said:
Norion said:

I thought it was to help boost sales somewhat in that region due to it having higher growth potential than the other two major ones.

In a statement to Eurogamer at the time, Nintendo UK said the change was "due to currency exchange rates"... 

This isn't completely unexpected - currency conversions had seen the relative UK and European prices for the original Nintendo Switch among the higher end of those offered globally, so this week's price cut was something of a normalisation.

Nintendo has no plans for Switch price drop outside Europe

Ah right yeah the Switch was relatively pricey in Europe before that. The plan could change but with the way things are going with demand still being high, shortages and inflation they may never feel a need to drop it at all elsewhere.

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What were the price histories for the PS4 and XB1? Other than that early one for the X1 in 2014 where they dropped the Kinect, I don't remember them being significant or frequent.

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Salnax said:

What were the price histories for the PS4 and XB1? Other than that early one for the X1 in 2014 where they dropped the Kinect, I don't remember them being significant or frequent.

PS4 launched at $399 in November 2013.  $50 price cut to $349 in October 2015, and another $50 price cut to $299 in September 2016.  One of the Black Friday sales dropped it to $199, but that was a very limited time holiday sale, and not an official price cut.

XBox One launched at $499 with Kinect in November 2013.  Removed Kinect to drop $100 to $399 in June 2014.  Dropped another $50 to $349 in January 2015.  Not sure when it hit $299.  XBox One's price history is more complicated though, since it had a lot of limited time price cuts.  I'm pretty sure I remember getting mine for $279 not much more than a year out from launch.

Looking at the neverending chip shortages and the current inflation, probably not in this generation.

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That's probably going to be about 2 or 3 years down the line. Hell, Nintendo just released a revision that allowed them to increase the price and still sell hundreds of thousands of units.

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Xbox may at least do a temporary price cut on Series S sometime this this year, Series S is maintaining stock now in most locations, for instance it has been in stock on Amazon US for more than 2 months straight, and in most of Europe for even longer. Since supply is no longer an issue for Series S (aside from a few countries), a price cut would be a smart way for them to drive up demand for it later this year. Likely a drop to $250 starting in November to coincide with the release of Starfield and ending in early January, a $250 Series S would move huge numbers during the holiday season combined with the effect of having a Bethesda game like Starfield as an exclusive, they would pretty much be guaranteed to have one of the highest hardware sales quarters for the October-December quarter in Xbox's 21 year history, exceeding not only Holiday 2021's 4.2m but possibly coming in 3rd place ahead of Holiday 2009's 5.2m and Holiday 2012's 5.7m, but behind Holiday 2010's 6.9m and Holiday 2011's 7.5m.

I don't think Series X or PS5 will see any price cuts until after supply has caught up to demand, which considering recent reports of the semi-conductor shortage lasting throughout the whole generation, might not be until 2024 or later. Switch probably won't see a price cut until Switch 2 released, assuming that Switch 2 will come it at Switch's current $300 price point, they will probably want to drop Switch to $200 and Switch Lite to $120-150 at that time, so that Switch 2 isn't cannibalizing late Switch 1 sales too badly.

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