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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PlayStation Studios and Nintendo Entertainment Planning and Development - Which is the better first party group?

LudicrousSpeed said:

The question of who can survive on first party alone is a simple question with an obvious answer, because Nintendo has literally been doing it for generations. But you don’t like the answer so you are trying to harp on irrelevant semantics.

It’s not any of our fault that Microsoft or Sony don’t have stables of long standing high quality IPs that they can outsource to other studios to make first party games with. Nintendo on the other hand does. They also have a much stronger first party offering. This is obvious when you look at sales (nothing MS offers is close and now with GamePass nothing will ever be close, and the only Sony titles that approach Nintendo sales do so with massive bundling and deep price cuts).

But you know all of this which is why you want to exclude it, because excluding it means nothing to MicroSony but has a big effect on Nintendo. All of these companies consider these games first party, get with the times. It doesn’t matter what you think qualifies as first or third party, it’s widely accepted what is first party by pretty much everyone else.

Sony doesn’t have a Fire Emblem or Pokémon in their arsenal to outsource but if they did, you’d consider it first party.

What a stupid hill to die on.


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Jeez this is the worst thread I've seen in a while. Instead of arguing the semantics of first party and third party and hurling personal attacks it would be far more fruitful to discuss how much tougher it would be for Nintendo to survive without the assistance of third parties. There's potential for an interesting discussion there instead of whatever this mess is.


Yep, this place is a mess. I'm going through now and reviewing, but some of you know where you stand as far as infractions go. Hint: it's not okay to insult people. Ever. Yet, a few of you have done it quite a bit in here.

I do not care who wins/loses the "argument", all of that stops right now. Should you see a moderation tagged next to your name, it's simple — don't be a jerk! Whether flaming, trolling, or anything in between.

Edit: The last paragraph in this post is actually a very good idea. There's a possibility that I will close this thread down and open the idea up to someone who wants it. We don't need to kill the discussion (nothing wrong with having a preference, even a strong one). However, the framing here opened the door to all kinds of needless feather ruffling, so I may enact those terms. I may also be much more lenient (save for the extreme few), but please folks, do better and be nicer! We're all here for much of the same reason, so let's enjoy it!

Edit 2: After a full read, we're just going to close things down here. Whomever would like to try Chazore's idea of recognizing the strengths of both companies and creating a topic out of that has my blessing (so long as it doesn't head in this direction). As noted, please be nicer to each other! Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox. What ever your preference, respect your VGC comrades! :)

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