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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox FPS AllStars Game Ideas

After all the acquisitions MS have made recently, i am sure its on a lot of people's minds if MS will create their own Smash Brother / AllStar game.

What if MS turned OverWatch 2 into OverWatch 2 AllStars. Where MS include all their big flagship FPS characters and include them into the next OverWatch game. Master Chief (Halo), Doom Slayer (Doom), Soap (COD), Blazkowicz (Wolfenstein) Ranger (Quake) Joanna Dark (Perfect Dark) and top it off with all their special abilities like Master Chief uses Plasma Grenades, Doom Slayer uses a Chainsaw, Joanna Dark uses the Far Sight etc. 

So instead of MS releasing a similar game to OverWatch with a direct sequel, why not turn it into an AllStars FPS title with all of the famous characters from all of MS's FPS shooter genre and make something different. Would it sell?

If MS can do a Xbox Crossover game, what would it be? FPS seems to be their strength and seems quite doable. Afterall Xbox was known as the Shooter box in the past, why not inherit it.