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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How big is your gaming backlog?


How big is your gaming backlog?

0 games 19 2.56%
1 - 5 games 82 11.04%
6 - 10 games 57 7.67%
11 - 20 games 90 12.11%
21 - 30 games 46 6.19%
31 - 40 games 29 3.90%
41 - 50 games 24 3.23%
51 - 100 games 65 8.75%
101 - 200 games 72 9.69%
More than 200 games 259 34.86%

I have about 10 unplayed ps5 games, most bought on black Friday sales or second hand on local classifieds, about 20 ps4 games still to play, about 40 PC games, and about 20 switch games, and those are just the essential games, just bought final fantasy 7 integrade, hades, resident evil village, assassins creed valhala, yakuza like a dragon, demon souls on black Friday and have not yet unwrapped them.

I am so busy with work that I have yet to finish GTA5 on the PC, or have yet to try Monster hunter rise that I bought back in February or March. I have yet to finish breath of the wild and I bought that at launch. Let alone all the newest games I got like Metroid dread and pokemon which I have yet to try.

Its been a busy year with lack of staff in the hotel, I've been working 70-95 hours per week, I barely get more than 2 hours gaming at best, I am replaying dragon age inquisition and at this rate to try and 100% everything, I will be finished next year.

I cant even mention the PC, so many games from civilization to Halo to age of empires 4, ori and the will of the wisps and many more. I have enough games to last me a decade at least. And I have GT7 on preorder that's another 100 hours at the very least. And also pokemon arceus in January lol

I realize as I got older I make a lot more money but have less time, so buying games on sales is more of a hobby by itself than actually playing them.

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I don't really do backlogs too much, the idea of it never stuck with me. I always play what I buy. That said, I feel like that's changed a bit this year with some games I've yet to play. Those being, let's see here...

Pathologic 2 - I got this because a friend loved the first game and wanted to play this. In truth, I thought he had already played this one and loved it too, but he hadn't. Anyways, I don't think it's my kind of thing. Interesting, but I doubt I'll ever go back and finish it.

The Witcher - same friend wanted me to play through the Witcher trilogy. I asked if I could play the third game only, but 1 and 2 were super cheap and he told me to play the whole thing. I can't say this game is good lol. I feel like skipping to 3 already, but maybe I'll play this someday.

Mass Effect 2 - same friend wanted me to play through the Mass Effect trilogy. I replayed the first game and loved it all over again, and then stopped partway through the second game because I didn't enjoy it all over again. Definitely wanna insist on this one, though.

Deus Ex - I've been somewhat intrigued by this series ever since I started hosting the greatest games event and seeing many people list them, and after playing the Guardians game and seeing how awesome the whole team at Eidos-Montréal seems to be, intrigue became interest. Then black friday came and the whole series went on a ridiculously cheap sale at GOG, so I got them all, but I haven't started them yet.

So that's 4 games, but I suppose it's 10 if you include all the other ones from trilogies/series I haven't started yet.

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Pretty huge but smaller than what I've seen from other people's backlogs I know of.


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