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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What are your worst multiplayer moments?

Dulfite said:
Leynos said:

I so rarely play online I really only remember the good moments. I guess the worst moment was something that was my fault and I was oblivious. I had a real moment of brain dead. It was not intentional. My first time playing Journey. I was at a mountain and I wanted to get up on a platform to get a piece of the cape I think ( been many years since I played) another person helped me up. I pinged them to thank them then ran off. They kept pinging me and I thought they were saying hello...only when it was just too late did I realize I left them hanging. I felt so bad. They probably looked at the post-game names and wondered which one of them was the asshole that wouldn't help.

Maybe they are still there, waiting for you to guide them?

I wouldn't call it awful but it was my most embarrassing moment, in Rainbow six Vegas I was playing with some guys who I had just teamed up with and they were new to that particular level, so I carefully explained that there were two enemies hidden in the next small room and if you weren't aware they would shoot you from their hiding spots so they should be careful, but having done the level with no harm I told them don't worry and proceeded to take point and opened the door took a couple of steps inside and immediately got killed the amount of laughter that generated was overwhelming and the rest of the game consisted of them warning me to be careful in case there was an  enemy in plain sight with his back to me.

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Rocket League, every time someone gives any kind of feedback in the chat or disconnects after just one goal. I don't understand the need to be a dick when playing casual and you didn't get the best teammates, or the need to disconnect and look for a new game because 'you were losing' when the opponent scores even one goal. It's not really a single moment but pretty much every single session. Rocket League is a great game, but it's also a toxic one. I haven't played in a while and apparently there might be a fix to the disconnect issue (although it does sound way too strict), but I doubt anything has been done to the toxicity issue.

I'm not sure if this is special for a multiplayer game because I suppose it sounds like it might be pretty common, but I don't play a lot of multiplayer games so I don't really know. It does kind of suck though.

I've had gameplay sessions of Overwatch or Smash Bros. where I'd continue to play to get "that final win" before I logged off when I was waaaaay past the point of being tilted. It makes for such shitty games where every single error had me raging and that makes you lose and lose and lose. Then even when I did eventually get that win I'd log off in such a bad mood still.

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I was working out while playing online MP. Was breathing heavy and people thought I was up to some dirty deeds. People freaked out but I was quick to let them know I was working out. LMAO!

KLAMarine said:

I was working out while playing online MP. Was breathing heavy and people thought I was up to some dirty deeds. People freaked out but I was quick to let them know I was working out. LMAO!

We believe you.

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Hmm I did get DDOS a couple times a VERY long time ago. Once noticeably against a guy in a cod zombies match who was making it very clear for me to be an hero and another random user took my side and he took that personally. Obviously trash talk is whatever in COD especially in MW2 and BO1 days, but that guy really gave me Zodiac vibes. 

Obviously there is the annoying moments of host migration in COD games when you are just about to get a Nuke, ect. Getting betrayed right at the last second of Halo with a perfection. Many such cases.

Then there was Titanfall 1 dying. It became literally unplayable where one supposed hacker was able to shut down the ability to find a match (did they ever fix that?). I almost have to wonder if it was a Respawn conspiracy because Titanfall 1 didn't have any microtransactions and they were maybe losing money paying for the Microsoft cloud servers. Not even really joking. It's a bit sus that their games always have problems after they make a new one and they don't fix it. Similar thing happened when they were in charge of COD where the last COD would get hacked to death when the new one came out.

Below I brag a lot so I put in spoilers to be less annoying, people might not believe let alone care:

I was a very good gamer during Halo and COD's peak years and recorded a ton of my stuff. Well during my second gaming hiatus (hiatus being more than six months or a year where I only play games a handful of days during that entire time period if at all)...I decided that instead of buying more SSD I would delete everything because I needed space. I lost over 2.5 TB combined of Halo 2, Halo 3, Reach, 4, MW2, BO1, MW3, BO2, Ghosts, Destiny, and more gameplay. Many memories I will NEVER get back. I have also had over the years files just corrupt by themselves, but that was just a mistake. I was top 100 in the world in most of those games if you factor in my kill death ratio and kills per game, that included countless Nukes, MOAB, KEM strikes, perfections, exterminations, killionaires, or matches playing against MLG and Pro players. I only have a few videos remaining which are not the best or highlights, but rather random stuff that during some point I put on a small USB drive probably due to laziness. I had enough content to run a youtube channel and make daily content for probably years. Granted I never labeled everything so capture cards just label things by date and time so it would have taken ages to sort through. Even more disappointing was the fact that a few months ago I found out that Bungie turned off their stat archives for Halo 2 and Halo 3 which included game history with gamertags, scores, and medals. All of this just erased my teens and early 20s which were my peak gaming years. I probably at best am a top 10% player in games where it's totally different being a top 100 player in the world or having an insane kill death ratio. Halo 5 halotracker seems to have been erased as well, but I did manage to snag some proof of my warzone world records last year. I still have one clip of me noscoping Neighbor at the start of the match while he put me one shot and another showing me playing with Fariko in BO2 League Play. So deleting those moments were memories lost forever and my absolute worst gaming moment was formating those drives. /bragging

Then there are the xbox friends who I lost track of. Some of my friends just stopped gaming because of age and such or they took breaks, made new accounts, or I took breaks and forgot to keep up with them. I had a couple xbox friends who I also had added to facebook and skype, but I deleted my facebook after college.

Outside of multiplayer I've had a few technical issues with gaming in general. Although off topic these are additional worst gaming moments:

I had my original xbox 360 break and my Wii break. I had dropped my pokemon blue after collecting all 151 and resetting. Obviously I did not know about the battery inside games back then so I lost all my save data for other gen1/2 games as well over the years. It appears that with N64 only one of my games lost its save data (Mario Kart), but I know that's coming soon so I plan on just replacing them ASAP. 

Recently I tried installing Sims 1 Complete Collection on iMac bootcamp Windows 10 and I think I screwed up. instead of trying to find solution online, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Problem is sims 1 has some weird glitch where its basically fused to system32 lol. This now makes fully uninstalling it impossible therefore reinstalling impossible.