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Forums - Website Topics - Do people click zergnet ad ?

I rarely do, but I was wondering if I was the only one.

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Sometimes by mistake. Such an article is rarely actually what it advertises to be though.

I never see ads

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Leynos said:

I never see ads


In the past I did and I sometimes clicked, but not now anymore

Technically I don't think it's an ad, but a link exchange. It still shows with a supporter subscription and I don't think there is any other items that would be mistaken as ads that show up to supporters.

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This is the only site I visit where scripts are off. The ads here run amuck. It makes this site virtually unusable.

Click no ads and do no harm

I did... once. Fool me once, shame on them.

I do... Sometimes

Sometimes I clicked on them when they were redirecting to certain gaming or movie articles, but the fact was that they also made a lot of clickbait, the headline of the article would say something but then the article itself would be completely unrelated, barely related to the gaming or movie, or be a completely barebones article devoid of anything truly significant. I whitelisted some sites that I wanted to support through the ads, but now everything on the internet is unmanageable without ad and tracker blockers.