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Forums - Website Topics - Do people click zergnet ad ?

I do... Sometimes

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Sometimes I clicked on them when they were redirecting to certain gaming or movie articles, but the fact was that they also made a lot of clickbait, the headline of the article would say something but then the article itself would be completely unrelated, barely related to the gaming or movie, or be a completely barebones article devoid of anything truly significant. I whitelisted some sites that I wanted to support through the ads, but now everything on the internet is unmanageable without ad and tracker blockers.

No, but if I did, I'd bet it'd have the common courtesy to say "thank you" for taking the time to click it. Something some users were never raised to do.

No, because I run an adblocker and so should you. This website is impossible to navigate without one.

I haven't clicked them in all my years on the site. But I just did out of curiosity. I see it takes me to the Zergnet site with the article I clicked in the top left, which then takes me to the site of said article. If I recall for every 1 click to Zergnet, we get 2 views back. 

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I used to click on them a lot. They would have some interesting articles. Now I don't even notice them.

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