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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Cloud Games + Fiber vs. Physical/Downloaded Games


What is better?

Native no matter what 30 81.08%
Fiber + Cloud 2 5.41%
I don't have Fiber so my ... 5 13.51%
Azzanation said:
Captain_Yuri said:

Except it's not that rare of a chance. We have had a number of examples of cloud streaming services shutting down in the past and we have no idea what SE's track record will be. Considering how anti-consumer this industry can be, it's not a bad thing to advise people of the downsides if they are going to buy a cloud game from a company that has yet to have a good enough track record to be considered a safe purchase. And because with cloud streaming only, if the company decides to stop it's cloud service, you literately lose everything... If this was say xCloud or PSNow, it would be a different story as I have said good things about them in the past but those are subscription based that nets you a ton of games every month, allows you to download games onto your device if you have a console and have a good track record.

Netflix is also not the same thing. Yes it's streaming but subscription services like Netflix offer a ton of content for a low monthly price. The topic at hand is buying an individual cloud only game for a full price.

Well that's where the choice remains up to the individual. Buying a game off a unknown service with only having the option to stream will obviously net some warnings. However if you were to pay a sub to stream games (Renting the service) i see no issue with it what so ever. 

A good example of your point is Google Stadia, which only offers the service as you have to pay full price for the games to own and can only than be streamed, however if Google ever plans on shutting down the service, i believe their would be either refunds granted or law suits that would take place. However if Stadia falls, most likely something like Google Stadia will continue to operate only for access to already owned content by coexisting customers or Google can simply change the hands of the service to someone else to allow current customers access. Its not as simple as they will shut the service down and screw over paid customers. Especially for a half trillion dollar company who can afford to maintain the service. The only real scenario where they can shut it down and everyone losers, is if Google went bankrupt which we know the chances of that happening, probably not in our life times. 

Agreed. Paying for a cloud subscription service like xCloud or PSNow does bring quite an incredible value.

Google has had such a bad track record of shutting things down that they have become a meme. Hinch has a link to it but if there was one company that is known for shutting things down it's Google. The only things that they don't shutdown are the ones that are detrimental to their business such as Youtube, Google Search, Gmail etc. Stadia is not even close. It doesn't matter how much money these companies have, if something doesn't make profit, many are willing to axe it and we have seen far too many examples sadly. I do hope you are correct though.


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Ok so I actually faced the issue yesterday, where I had tocchoose between the PS4 version of The Forgotten City or the Cloud version on the Switch, and I had a DSL connection in the AirBnB where I stay, so I had to chose between downloading a game on the PS4 for hours or playing it instantly via the Cloud.

I choosed the Cloud version, best decision ever

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