Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Does the Wii need a price cut in PAL?

The Wii could get a PAL pricecut next winter(Feb), NA may have to wait until next summer(09)

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Probably not. The numbers from the PAL regions still look pretty good for Nintendo. Sure, some units manage to stay on the shelves for more than ten minutes, but don't you want customers to be able to walk into a store and pick one up on impulse? I know here in the U.S. there's been plenty of teeth gnashing over the Wii's lack of availability; why make less money off the hardware if it mostly serves to annoy your potential customers?

IMO, They will do a price cut to 199, if the euro stays strong against the yen in late October.

This will give them a big boost for the holidays. They may sell 3-4 million.

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Why would they even want a pirce cut? If it's not 'selling out' then what (little) isn't selling can be diverged to America. It's already outselling the (cheaper) 360 and eve nthe PS3 on a consistent basis, the only reason they'd cut the price would be to send it to even higher sales territory, which probably wouldn't be a good idea before production increases.

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But will they be able to manufacture that many units by then? I could be wrong, but I don't think there's a glut of Wiis in Europe et. al., and the holidays traditionally give manufacturers a big boost anyhow, so a price cut may just mean less money in the bank for Nintendo.

Because Lord knows, more money is exactly what Nintendo needs right now. I'm just waiting for them to purchase Fort Knox to use as Iwata's personal piggy bank.

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No need for a pricecut, the Wii is selling extremely well, better than the rest, so pricecut could come out handly when it starts to lose momentum. After SSBB and Wii Fit release, but that would be close to Holiday season, so maybe next year.

Only if its necessary ^^

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This thread is beyond belief. A Wii actually made it to a shelf somewhere and N should drop the price? N doesn't need a drop until it's #3 worldwide sales and they have no supply issue, with stock sitting on the shelves worldwide.

And I agree with almost everyone that posted above me, colors before cut.

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No way, lol, can't cut the price when you've got someone to buy your extra consoles.

When the Wii can meet demand worldwide, then, and only then, should a price cut happen.

Price cuts are limited items. You can't just have one every time sales are low. If Nintendo rations them our correctly, then it's probably already too late for the PS3 or 360 to beat them in sales worldwide.

It's gonna have to be a huge mistake by Nintendo to drop a lead like this.

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I would say not because of decreasing demand. If there are extras available, just ship them to NA... I'm sure they are not that different on the inside...

That said, depending on the exchange rate it may make sense at some point.