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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best PS1 RPG that wasn’t made by Square


Best PS1 RPG not by Square?

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete 4 9.52%
Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete 0 0%
Wild Arms 0 0%
Suikoden 2 10 23.81%
Breath of Fire 3 5 11.90%
Star Ocean: The Second Story 3 7.14%
Tales of Destiny 0 0%
Legend of Dragoon 9 21.43%
Valkyrie Profile 2 4.76%
Other - see thread 9 21.43%

This kind of piggybacks onto another thread. Square put out a  lot of great RPGs on PS1. But they weren’t the only ones. Once FF7 took off almost every company was bringing in the RPGs. What is your favorite?

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My choices

2- Valkyrie Profile
3- Star Ocean 2nd Story

Suikoden II by a wide margin. Barely a competition.

Out of the 9 games listed, I've only beaten LoD.  However, Suikoden 1 is a masterpiece, so it gets my vote.

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Reading the options for the poll, I realize how much of a Squaresoft fanboy I was back in those days. I haven't played any of the titles listed but played most of what Square released for the PS1.

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1. The Legend of Dragoon
2. Grandia
3. Suikoden II

Digimon World, Digimon World 2, and Digimon World 3 were fantastic RPGs for the PS1 not made by Square.

Vandal Hearts it would still be top if I included Square RPG's I'd also put Suikoden II and Wild Arms there as well then after that a lot of Square games get mixed in with others.

Suikoden II, it has some of the most brilliant writing I've seen in a game and lots of memorable moments and characters.