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Forums - PC Discussion - Gaming laptop vs Steam Deck?


Gaming laptop or Steam Deck

Laptop 6 66.67%
Steam Deck 3 33.33%
padib said:
aikohualda said:

so professional laptop and buy the steam deck for my back pack?

ughhh why is thisss so hard :(

I do stay in hotels a lot lately.... I know steam deck is suppose to be for convenience but in my case a gaming laptop I can use for work seems to be the most convenient options


If you're working at home then you can dock the steamdeck for work but if you're working on the go best go with a laptop. If not sure about the future safest bet is the laptop 😉

Gaming laptop it is!  thank you so much... laptop recomendations is now open LOL


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aikohualda said:
Captain_Yuri said:

Razer products including their laptops have a reputation of being unreliable. While the 14 is impressive in it's achievement, I wouldn't buy it for work. I would recommend the Zephyrus G14 but Asus also skimped out of the webcam cause reasons...

do they have 15"?

If you are referring to Asus, they have a G15 but doesn't have a webcam. They also have an M16 which is effectively a 15 inch as it's almost the same size that does have a webcam.


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