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Forums - Politics Discussion - Are most Politicians performers and entertainers who really don't give a damn

Democratic congressman Eric Swalwell revealed just how fake lawmakers in Washington D.C. are

This insight from an insider is informative on the types of people we vote in, the types of people that seek office, and the type of society we live in  

Do people share this view, can some rationalise this as being part of a healthy system of governance?  

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Thinking how many media personalities actually become congressmen and congresswomen I think the answer is pretty clear

When you have two gangs running central (and state) government all a liar has to do is prove gang loyalty to win. All voters have to do is look for candidates from their gang and vote, effortless. Abolish all parties and make voters look up a candidates record.

I think that applies to a lot of the "well known" ones. There are lots of people behind the scenes who actually do try to do some work, though.

Ultimately that's just how the system functions, especially in the world of mass media. There's always a camera pointing at you, so inevitably you have to act in a certain way. I've always liked boring politicians - it feels like they're doing a job. They rarely stay elected...

You get the government you deserve, I guess.

There are politicians who actually do the hard yards because they are extremely passionate...

However, most "high ranking" politicians are media personalities, Trump is a key example who went viral as a personality, rather than a politician with any real credibility, experience or education... And this can be seen across the planet... For the right and wrong reasons.

Politicians are a brand/product and need to sell their name to stay relevant.

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Well how else are we going to have Presidents play Presidents in Hollywood blockbusters if they can't act?

If actors can't play Presidents due to lack of personal credentials, what's the next logical step to getting the role?

I developed a certain type of admiration for politicians to be honest. It's a great career, if you make it big. You'd be paid by all the giant co-operations just to advance their agendas, you make great connections, you get to be paid for BS'ing and pretending to care. What's not to love?

If I was a different person, I'd probably would've seen the opportunity and grabbed it for myself. It's naïve to think most politicians aren't being opportunistic following this career path.

In Australia politicians have a real credibility issue, not just with the fringe elements and conspiracy theory addicts, but with normal every day Australians

It might be that politicians need to be Qualified for the Role of Governance as seen in any professional field, such as a University Degree specifically tailored to evidence based policy development, and mitigation strategies against all forms of corruption