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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Report: Nintendo Denies OLED Profit and Any More Iterations


What do you think?

OLED overpriced and Switch Pro incoming 5 10.87%
OLED overpriced, no Switch Pro coming 14 30.43%
OLED fairly priced, Switch Pro incoming 6 13.04%
OLED fairly priced, no Switch Pro coming 12 26.09%
Can everyone shut up 7 15.22%
About Switch Pro 0 0%
And please look 0 0%
forward to 0 0%
Switch 2!!!!! 2 4.35%

The one thing I will say is that the rumours about the Switch "Pro" got some of the info right. So I wouldn't doubt if the next Switch iteration is based off of Lovelace and has DLSS. Lovelace is suppose to debut late next year so realistically, 2023 should be when Nvidia releases their "mobile variants" of their Lovelace GPUs. Of course, going with Lovelace a few months after it releases feels too cutting edge for Nintendo so I can see them waiting a couple of years after it comes out. So at a minimum, I think that a big hardware revision or more likely, the Switch 2 will be out in or after 2023. And around 2023, the "cross gen period" should be over and it should be full steam ahead with next gen games.


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