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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Valve releasing Switch competitor SteamDeck Dec 2021, $399, Zen 2 CPU and RDNA 2 GPU

zero129 said:

Ok so after seeing a few guys on the emu scene talk about this they think it wont have any problems running Switch games with the latest project hades update for Yuzu it runs many games at full speed on weaker ryzen based igpus. This think could be playing Switch games at 4K res on its release!.
Well i guess i know what system ill be playing Botw 2 on if thats the case.

That's just outright stealing.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

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Alistair said:
Darc Requiem said:

Does it use standard PCIe 3.0 NVMe SSDs? If so, would it be cheaper to buy the $399 model and buy your own SSD. $130 for a 512GB SSD seems high and its a ludicrous $250 for the 1TB version. You can get a 2TB NVMe SSD for around $160

No you can't upgrade the internal one later. Instead you use high speed micro SD card, just like the Switch. The price is perfectly reasonable, use your SD card instead. Also Apple and others charge $400 for 500GB of added storage, I don't see how you can complain if Valve is asking for just $130. This is a small integrated device, not a motherboard.

104MB/s Micro SD cards aren't going to cut it. That makes the Steam Deck a big nope from me. 

So this thing will be able to:
1) Run all Steam library
2) Run Windows and all games released there, Xbox games too
3) Run PlayStation games released on Steam
4) Run older/current systems via emulation like the switch with even higher resolution and fps.

If you see it like that, it could do great numbers.

JRPGfan said:

That actually sounds pretty powerfull for a handheld..... my worry is just the battery life.

Like this might be alot more powerfull than a Switch, but without the games or battery life, what does that matter?

You do realize the Steam store has thousands of games, right? It can even load non-Steam store games too, it has a larger library than any Nintendo system ever if you want to get technical. 

the main problem I see is the storage space and speed.
even the mid range model, while it COULD run stuff, wouldn't have enough space unless valve nudges enough devs to actually fucking make devs make more efficient code.
casue even the same game would take up like, 4 times the install space on this thing then on the switch...
my laptop has 256SSD and i still only have room for, what, 5 games? and NONE of them are triple A, not really.

plus, unlike switch, there is actually pretty little incentive to optimise for this little bugger unless it really gains traction, meaning the performace might end up being fucking terrible anyway compared to the optimized switch.

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Wow, that's one cool piece of tech. I want to get one just to have version 1 lol.

But I don't really play on handhelds and it's rather awkward to use on TV I imagine.

The more I look to it the better is gets. With this I can finally play Xbox games that I never wanted to play in fist place. I will have a full setup to play Sony, MS, Nintendo and third parties

I hope it releases on Brazil soon, maybe next year

Can it do gyro-aiming?

KLAMarine said:

Can it do gyro-aiming?



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