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Forums - General Discussion - Do you believe in ghosts? Paranormal stuff?


Are ghosts real?

Yes 12 25.53%
No 28 59.57%
Not sure 7 14.89%

I don't believe in anything for which there is not concrete and substantial scientific evidence.

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I only believe it because I have witnessed it couple of times in my life

I spent my entire life saying no. That I'll believe it when I see it. Then this last winter, something came into our house, stayed for a couple weeks, and that all changed. Now I am 100% positive there are things that go bump in the night, so to speak. As nuts as that sounds, it's true.

Having said that though, I don't go around trying to convince anyone of anything because I remember what it was like being on the other side. Skeptics have to experience this stuff before they believe in it. Hopefully they stay skeptics... because you don't want to have to go through what my family (yes, multiple people experienced it; sometimes even simultaneously) had to endure. 

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The footage below doesn't show a ghost, but shows the manipulation of a physical object by an invisible force.


Contains some extremely graphic captured video, if you are easily frightened or sensitive please don't click. I believe more scientific study is definitely warranted. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

No, they are glitches like someone said but caused by the brain train to make sense of things, a noice that it isnt sure what is is... ghost.

A lot of xperiences like that ocur around funerals cause the brain is prime for it, other when you are stress tired or sleep deprived in all cases is the brain tring to make sense of things that it cant.

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Yes, I have seen too much with my own eyes and heard too many stories from trusted friends and family members to not believe in the supernatural. Though, as a Christian, I believe most supernatural occurrences are spiritual in nature, Angels and demons. Just a selection of some of my personal experiences and stories from family:

  • Saw 3 dark apparitions circling over my hospital bed when I was 3 years old, which disappeared when my parents prayed over me.
  • Was on an overlook at the Blue Ridge Parkway at twilight with my family, we had just pulled our car in and rolled our windows down when we heard 2 voices arguing, looked further down the parking lot and saw 2 indistinct figures, one white and one black, when the overlook parking lot was empty seconds before. Backed up the car and aimed the headlights at the figures and they were gone, as was the sound of arguing we heard seconds before. It is our belief that a Guardian Angel was protecting us from a demon, as we later learned that a man had been blasted off a cliff with a shotgun one overlook away from the overlook we were at about a week earlier and the killer still hadn’t been caught by the police.
  • There was a local witches coven in a certain wood near me in the 70's when my parents were teens, my uncle (who was a bit of a trouble making idiot as a teen) heard about them and decided to trespass on their property, found their crystal ball at a clearing, and broke it. That night he decided to come back with a girl and do some necking/making out near where he broke the ball. They started making out, but then both he and the girl got a sudden ominous feeling and decided it was time to leave, so he tried to start his car, but it wouldn’t start after several attempts. Then he sees what he describes as a glowing spirit wolf walk up near his car, and as soon as he sees it, the car finally starts and he flees. He believes the wolf spirit was a guardian Angel protecting him from the wrath of the witches and whatever demons they commune with over their broken crystal ball.
  • My mom and an uncle were down in the family basement as teens, my uncle lifting weights, when all of a sudden the door handle on a locked inner door (that my family didn't even have the key to, because it was a rental house) began shaking violently. Nobody was home except my mom, uncle, and grandma who was upstairs, so it wasn’t just some prank from one of their other 2 siblings or my grandpa. They were terrified and ran upstairs, and didn't like going into the basement at all after that.
  • My uncle woke up one night and saw a Native American medicine man in full headdress standing over his bed, he later learned his house was built near an old Native Burial ground.
  • An uncle found an abandoned house in the woods one day and went exploring inside. Looked around and saw it was mostly empty aside from some old cans in the kitchen. As he was coming back down the stairs from exploring the upstairs he saw 2 old people rocking in chairs in the living room who hadn’t been there before when he searched the lower floor.
  • One of the many houses my dad lived in as a kid was majorly haunted, the upstairs furniture would stack itself at night, and my great aunt while visiting saw a hand reach out of a wall towards her. My great uncle, a Vietnam vet who wasn’t scared of much of anything, didn’t believe his sister and his wife when they told him about the haunting, so he decided to spend the night upstairs to prove them wrong. He came downstairs the next morning looking sick, and told my grandma she was right, it was haunted. Needless to say, my grandma moved soon afterward.
  • When my mom and my dad first got married, my mom and my dad woke up one night to the sound of dog nails clicking on a hardwood floor, but they had no dog at the time, they call it the demon dog. Some other strange occurrences happened at the same house, for instance my mom once heard me and my brother calling for help, but discovered we were a quarter of a mile away at our grandparents house and hadn’t called for help.
  • My parent's current house, which was an inheritance from my grandma on my dads side, has had many strange happenings over the years. When she was living there alone, my grandma claimed she heard the sounds of somebody climbing around on the roof at night. My mom woke up one night to the sound of my Rock Band drum set being played, but I was asleep at the time, it wasn’t me playing it. My sister once saw what she describes as a shadow person in the living room corner near the front door, causing her to scream. My other grandma was babysitting my two cousins with my mom one day, and my grandma and both cousins claim they saw a hand of a hunter wearing camouflage reach out of the staircase towards the front doorknob (the same corner where my sister had seen the shadow person a few years before), all 3 were as pale as a sheet when my mom walked back into the living room from the kitchen.
  • My sister in law and nieces were driving home one day past a known Native Burial Ground, and saw a bipedal creature leap across both lanes of the road in 2 bounds in front of them. Based on her description of what it looked like, I showed her a wendigo from Until Dawn and she said it looked a lot like that.
  • My dad was sleeping one night, face down in bed, when he was awoken by the sudden pain of something pulling on his private parts. He was face down on the bed so he couldn't have tugged on them on his own in his sleep. He said whatever it was pulled hard enough that his privates hurt for days afterward, but after he and my mom prayed over the house with oil nothing like that ever happened again. 
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No, utter nonsense. There’s no logical reason for that to be true and everything always has a rational explanation, whether you have one ready or not. I have no reason to believe in things I cannot see or detect in some way. Darkness is just the absence of light, and the world is exactly the same in it.

So right as I type this I’m in the attic, and I hear cracking and tapping sounds all around me, even though there’s nothing and no-one here with me. A less informed person could be thinking this is a ghost, but no, it’s just the wooden beams in the roof that are stretching and moving.

‘Life’ is just a very complicated chemical reaction, nothing more, and when we ‘die’, our molecules will get scattered again to be used in another complicated chemical reaction sometime later, there’s no need for ‘spirits’.

People don't believe in paranormal stuff because it's never happened to them, and "ScIeNcE". Obviously videos you see that "capture a ghost on camera" is most likely fake, that also makes people become more skeptical.
I believe in it, happened to me, happened to people I know. It's not "utter nonsense", it's not "bullshit", and no, it's not our "imagination". Nothing's more annoying than people trying to explain what you experienced because it didn't happen to them and they think they know better. 

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No. Not only because there's not a single piece of reliable evidence (like most people pointed out here), but more importantly because there's also no logical explanation of how they could physically exist. People used to believe in ghosts because the common idea was still that humans have a 'soul' that exists independently from the material body, but now we understand more and more how our thoughts are simply formed by chemical processes in our brain.

Something that's also become more and more clear, is that our senses are extremely unreliable. It can be very difficult for people to accept that, even when they're obviously wrong. There are cases of people who were genuinely convinced that they saw the lights of a UFO right before a crop circle was made, even when the crop circle was later confirmed to be manmade. I personally saw a bear in my garden a few years ago, despite living more than 1000km from their natural habitat.

No such things exist. There's always a natural explanation for these things and few people realize for example how much our brains and senses can trick us and "malfunction" so as to produce abnormal effects. It's just a poor understanding of how we perceive reality in the first place.
This is coupled with a somewhat natural tendency for supernatural beliefs that seems to be built in with some people more than others, these things together can be a very convincing combination.
If ghosts were a real thing, they would be an everyday occurrence and everyone would see them equally and constantly. We are members of the same mammal species with the same functions and senses, there are no special individuals with extraordinary abilities to detect otherworldly things.
I'm willing to concede that there probably is stuff going on that we are unable to detect at this time, but I don't think it has anything to do with dead people. Simply some natural processes that we can't see, just like we couldn't see bacteria until the invention of the microscope.
Samuel L. Jackson's character had a good line about this in some horror movie whose name I forget. People fear death, so they like to believe in ghosts because it means that there's at least *something* beyond death and it feels reassuring in a weird way.