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I didn't see a thread about this, so here it is in its full glory. 

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One too many cues in UI design taken from Mac/iOS.... 

It will be a free upgrade with requirements turned up a notch (I believe this is better as Windows 10 was trying to support too many old machines). 

Just upgraded to Win10 a couple of months ago now for work.


Start Menu is centered? and "cloud-powered" ? wtf? Linked to your phone? and resently viewed things on phone/pc show up either place?

Erhmm.... Windows... why? <.<

Windows is cringe even when it’s doin it right

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Yeah I’ll be sticking to Mac. This Windows will suck again. It’s just the way of things.

I’ll say one thing though; the Start menu being on the side, in pretty much every OS that ever existed, for like a million years now was in that position for a reason. When it’s centered like here it’s going to be in the way of things every single time and just be annoying. Also, there’s all this wasted task bar real estate. This will be something people will be changing back asap.

Looks like a mixture of Android and MacOS. Not saying that it's a bad thing, pretty much every new Windows had its own visual "controversies" and in the end, everyone just got used to it (well, maybe apart from W8 which was just terrible). I guess I won't know if I like it until I try it.

Sooner or later, preferably later, I'll have to upgrade, and I'll have again the usual feel that MS releases something new and usually clunky and unsatisfying just a little after previous versions started working decently.
The only difference is that now we have Steam (that bettered a lot compared to its first years) and GOG that do a wonderful job making game installers that work on many Windows versions far better than what we can obtain with Windows compatibility mode, so the pain won't be as strong as when I upgraded (maybe it could be more properly defined a downgrade) from Win 2k to XP and I couldn't play anymore some games until I could make a real upgrade, to Win 7.

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That video made me depressed. Do I get complimentary Prozac with my upgrade?

This post was brought to you by a computer running Windows 7, still the best Windows around.

Will require openshell just like Win8/10.

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