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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which Final Fantasy game deserves a remake?!


Which FF deserves the remake?!

Final Fantasy II 3 5.08%
FF III 1 1.69%
FF IV 1 1.69%
FF V 1 1.69%
FF VI 34 57.63%
FF VIII 8 13.56%
FF IX 7 11.86%
FF X 3 5.08%
FF XII 0 0%
FF XIII 1 1.69%

After the legendary FF7 game has returned with class and style!

Who's deserving and Who's next for that fresh coat of paint!?

While Team Ninja is making ff origins which is like kind of a remake but isn't developed by Square Enix,

But Square Enix is keeping tabs on the project coz after all it is their I.P!

As for me I think the next deserving should be FF10,

While it did get a remaster HD definitive experience!

I think FF10 started the PS2 era with a blast!

Compelling story, magical world, lovable characters and addiciting gameplay!

And introducing the legendary sphere grid!

Come on a proper real time blitzball??!

That would be freaking wawesome!

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Depends. If it's like the FF7 remake, then I couldn't care less I wouldn't really be interested regardless.

If it's like the FF4 remake however, then I'd love for FF6 to get one! I've heard pretty much nothing but good things about it although it's one of the few FF games I haven't actually played. The archaic graphics are definitely a turn off though, so a remake of that would definitely be a nice way for me to finally try out the game and see if it lives up to the hype.

I think ff4 was pretty good I watched my sister play it on Gameboy advanced haha,
Game truly deserves a remake before ff10!

6 is the best Final Fantasy ever made. A remake with modern grafics and better sound will be fantastic.
Add the extras from the GBA version and some extra escenes to the story and you are good.
Please No estupid story changes like the last part of FF 7 Remake (Thats was painfull to watch,like really bad fanfiction)

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I dont know if "deserves" is the word I'd use for any of this, but I'd very much welcome a FF6 remake/remaster of any kind.

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I'd say 6 as its the most distinct of the 2D era. I don't think any of the 3D games need a remake. VII with its block characters was the only one that truly aged poorly in the technical department

VI but I don't want it to be a big AAA cinematic remake if VII is any indication on how they'd approach it.

Honestly, just give me Final Fantasy VI in the Octopath style, just like they're doing with Dragon Quest III, and I'll be happy...

Oh right I forgot!
They're making a ff9 anime lol that's quite the news!
Zidane and the gang are making somewhat of a comeback?!

I see a lot of people not liking and well the changes in ff7 remake haha!
Most people still want that turn based style ey?!

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