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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which Final Fantasy game deserves a remake?!


Which FF deserves the remake?!

Final Fantasy II 3 5.08%
FF III 1 1.69%
FF IV 1 1.69%
FF V 1 1.69%
FF VI 34 57.63%
FF VIII 8 13.56%
FF IX 7 11.86%
FF X 3 5.08%
FF XII 0 0%
FF XIII 1 1.69%
Ka-pi96 said:

Didn't have much a choice considering Square decided not to release it in Europe until 2002. We got FF10 just a couple months after FF6

I had forgotten how late it arrived. My mind tells me I got it in like 1999 but in reality I think I played it on emulator.

Hmm, pie.

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The Fury said:

6 without a doubt but it's got to stay more true to the original. Button mashing gameplay should not be the future of the series.

But when I play the older games I button mash too... I just spam attack over and over as I grind for levels, lol

Bristow9091 said:

But when I play the older games I button mash too... I just spam attack over and over as I grind for levels, lol

I'm here to play Final Fantasy, not International Track and Field.

Hmm, pie.

Honestly I don't like the idea of any of the 2D final fantasy games getting a remake. A pixel perfect upgrade maybe. All the prior remakes of those games have been pretty garbage. I did not like the FFIV remake, it sucks.

As for the 3D ones, FFVII is still up in the air as to being a good remake, but for what it's worth it seems like the best candidate for one. The others getting a remaster seems good enough for me. Id rather they focus on getting back to their roots and creating better NEW final fantasy games. FFXIII and FFXV were not the best, I owe part of the to the focus on the focus on action vs turn based, but at the very least work needs to be done to bring FF back to glory of being the mainstay it was.

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FF6, done in a 3-D cel-shaded style that keeps close to the Amano illustrations.

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All the 3D PS1 Final Fantasy games look like a dogs breakfast... 7 already got the remake.
So Final Fantasy 8 and 9 should be up next.

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Final Fantasy 1, it is the origin of the series and can be reimagined, should they do a good job.

If they don't, I will.

Does combat get revamped? If so, any game until (and including) X is off the table, and all games after X are OK for a remake. Let's make it XIII because I like combat in XII better.

Combat doesn't get revamped? Hmm, that's a tough one. I guess I don't really care, although it would be kind of a waste if any of the 3D games got remade if I could freely pick exactly one.

FF8. That's was my fav game in the series. It would epic of they did a ff7 type remake for it!

Final Fantasy 6 makes the most sense to me. But i honestly think Square would ruin it. So maybe not.