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The Fury said:

6 without a doubt but it's got to stay more true to the original. Button mashing gameplay should not be the future of the series.

Good thing FFVII Remake isn’t part of that future your describe.

@OP: FFVI or IX for me. If I had to choose between them, then I’d prefer VI to be remade, as it is my favourite game and cast of characters in the entire series.

Go all out with production value the way they’re doing with VII Remake, but I’d want the producers to be more faithful to the original from a story standpoint, rather than try to reimagine it or make an overly convoluted sequel type of rethread or whatever it is they’re trying to do with VII Remake.

Just imagine the Opera House or the shift from the World of Balance to the World of Ruin done with current tech… 😵

Or suplexing the Phantom Train with Sabin in full modern graphics glory. 🤣

Last edited by Hynad - on 23 June 2021