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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Late to the party: Ori and the Will of the Wisps is incredible

Mar1217 said:
curl-6 said:

I can't recommend Rise highly enough, it's one of the best games I've played in years. Have you played a Monster Hunter game before?

Yeah, I have experience with MH4 Ultimate and Generations on the N3DS. I know this entry is quite different from previous ones I played but that makes it all the more exciting imo.

Though, there's a good chance I'm gonna plunge into MH Stories 2 before I get my hands on Rise at this rate. Love my classical RPGs haha

Fair enough. Basically all the ways that Rise differs from the 3DS MH entries are ways in which it has been made more accessible, but it retains the core mechanics and challenge so I'd say if you enjoyed those you should get a lot out of Rise.

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mZuzek said:
JackHandy said:

I loved the first game. Everything about it, really. So if this better than that, I'm in for a treat. I'll give you my impressions after digging into it four a few hours.

There are some people who don't like it as much as the first one but I'm with Curl in that I find it better in every way and I think most people feel that way too. And yeah Blind Forest was great already, Will of the Wisps is just amazing.

And yeah the autosave system is very lenient. It works on a checkpoint basis, actually it kinda works exactly like the saves in the first game, but instead of you having to manually make the saves, they're just invisible checkpoints littered everywhere. Obviously you still only get saves in stable ground, so water levels and certain platforming sections will require a bit more patience. And of course you still don't get autosaves in the escape sequences.

Well, I'm only a few hours in, but I can definitely see how good the save system is. It's almost as if the game is saving at a micro level so when you die, you almost always start where you think you should start--and that's saying something. For years, I've whined about certain games when they remove all my hard-earned progress thanks to an unseen pitfall etc. Yes, there are some games where it made sense (mostly during the NES and SNES era), but most modern games it just feels cheap and unnecessary to me. This game doesn't do that and it's wholly refreshing.

Another thing that seems spot on is the controls. I've found myself marveling how precise they are. Usually, with modern games, I find the controls to be laggy and or just off. But not this game. Every single micro-adjustment is accounted for on the screen and it really ratchets up the enjoyment gameplay wise.

Oh, and the story and music... my lord. So emotive. Whoever composed that score needs a grammy. 

I just started playing it the other day. I got to the first "dungeon" earlier today. Pretty good so far. I finished the first game last week after downloading it through Game Pass on my One X, and it was great, so I immediately set out to play the sequel.


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