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Forums - Sony Discussion - Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart Review and Discussion Thread (89 on Meta and Opencritic)

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Well, reviews are going live now and we're about to see where this true next-gen exclusive is going to end up! 

I predict it'll be between 86 and 90. Higher than the 2016 remake/movie adaptation but not quite the coveted 90+ rating. I predict 89, bringing it just below that threshold! 

Will edit OP as more reviews come out. - 89 with 107 reviews counted - 89 with 105 reviews counted

"Rift Apart is a technical showcase, but it's also one of the finest 3D action platformers since Jak and Daxter. Insomniac consistently proves that the Ratchet and Clank series is a wellspring of potential, and they've delivered a complete experience that's as full of heart as it is surprises." -

"Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is the first game I've played since the ninth-generation consoles launched that feels like a true next-gen title. Insomniac Games has done everything that it needed to do in making both a sequel to its longest-running franchise and a true next-gen exclusive. While it might not technically be a PlayStation 5 launch title, it feels like one-a real preview of the console's capabilities. But beyond that, Rift Apart is just an absolute blast to play." -

"It's a maximal game with big wacky characters and a killer shotgun. This is a game about friendship and games about friendship fucking rule. Rift Apart is better than action figures." -

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89 right now. It look like an amazing game.

Currently an 89 on both Open Critice and Metacritic

Can it break through that ceiling? Tools of Destruction stalled out at an 89 meta as well. I hope this one breaks through.

Another critical hit from PlayStation Studios. They are on a really strong run. Of course props to Insomniac who release 2 of the most high profile games of the PS5 launch window.

Next up Spider-Man 2 and hopefully Sunset Overdrive.

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Nice score. I was disappointed with the last game in the series but this one looks much more interesting. Now just to get a ps5 at some point.

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Well they did it again. 6th PS exclusive since the launch of the console, and already a classic.

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Fantastic score for yet another PS game and from Insomniac, they are in a combo.

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Good to see these positive reviews. It'll be interesting to see what the final score will be. Can it hit 90?

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I need to remember to pick this up, whenever I end up buying a PS5.

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