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Well, reviews are going live now and we're about to see where this true next-gen exclusive is going to end up! 

I predict it'll be between 86 and 90. Higher than the 2016 remake/movie adaptation but not quite the coveted 90+ rating. I predict 89, bringing it just below that threshold! 

Will edit OP as more reviews come out. - 89 with 107 reviews counted - 89 with 105 reviews counted

"Rift Apart is a technical showcase, but it's also one of the finest 3D action platformers since Jak and Daxter. Insomniac consistently proves that the Ratchet and Clank series is a wellspring of potential, and they've delivered a complete experience that's as full of heart as it is surprises." -

"Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is the first game I've played since the ninth-generation consoles launched that feels like a true next-gen title. Insomniac Games has done everything that it needed to do in making both a sequel to its longest-running franchise and a true next-gen exclusive. While it might not technically be a PlayStation 5 launch title, it feels like one-a real preview of the console's capabilities. But beyond that, Rift Apart is just an absolute blast to play." -

"It's a maximal game with big wacky characters and a killer shotgun. This is a game about friendship and games about friendship fucking rule. Rift Apart is better than action figures." -

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