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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Official Xbox E3 Showcase 2021 thread- Xbox E3 show announcements listed


How do you rate the 2021 Xbox E3 showcase?

10 7 10.00%
9 15 21.43%
8 15 21.43%
7 10 14.29%
6 14 20.00%
5 3 4.29%
4 1 1.43%
3 2 2.86%
2 1 1.43%
1 2 2.86%
shikamaru317 said:

Wow, Pirates of the Carribean-Sea of Thieves crossover, huge.

It looked so good.

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Ok... A week away, new expansion dropped for SOA

Battlefield is going to run really bad on last gen lol

shikamaru317 said:

Psychonauts 2 in August.

Cool, Looks great a month alter than I expected but not to far away now.

Seem to be really driving home the "Bethesda is owned by us now" narrative.

Someone is obviously quite sick of having to explain wether future titles will be exclusive or now.

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Gonna give Hades a play through, have heard nothing but praise about the game.

Was that the CinemaSins announcer early in the trailer of Party Animals???


Halo in the middle of the show? Wow wonder what they’re gonna end the show with then.