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Forums - General Discussion - When was the last time you beat someone in a physical fight? Me never! I have all loses I'm beta male.

Like 18-19 years ago in middle school, i like to avoid trouble, but i was at school that time, some dude played "a prank" on me i retaliated by drenching him with all the content of my bottle of fruit water, he became enraged and charged at me and we started to struggle, the dudes at school still believed that because i was "a nerd" i was physically frail, he was trying to take me down to the floor or push me to a wall, but since i didn't let him he couldn't do as he wanted, then he responded by headbutting me, but i lowered my head a little, i felt a stong hit on my forehead but i was unscathed, as i was preparing to punch the idiot for the headbutt he asked we stopped and was on the floor crying of pain, i watched as as gigantic bump apeared on half of his forehead completely red like half a tennis ball, an getting near the part where his eyebrows and eyelids were, so yeah they took him to the infirmary and everyone was laughing at him because everyone was saying " if the doctor ask who hit him, the idiot has to reply that himself because that's what happened" and effectively he said: that he fell to the ground and hit his forehead, after that everyone was more cautious, later one dude that sitted behind me was being anyoning laughing while pestering me, again since i was "the quiet" of the clasroom he thinked he could do as he wanted, i turned around and hit him on the upper part of mouth, his lips oppened and i think a thoot pierced parth of his mouth since he had a deformed tooth, he started bleeding a lot they took it to the infirmary, retarded doctor stitched him like Frankenstain and wanted me expelled, but everything was clarified and i just got suspended one day, after that no oner dared try to play a "prank" on me on that school again. After that on high school and university everyone always said that i looked like a dangeroud person, so no one tried to engage on a fight with me.