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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Gran Turismo Becomes an Official Olympic Sport (+More E-sports at Olympics)

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Well, guess that means it was considered the best simulator =p

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Im suprised by the general stance here that gaming isnt considered a sport

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I see some ignorance in this thread of what it takes to compete at the highest levels of esports. The days of big fat guys sitting in their mom's basement topping the charts are over, if they ever existed at all. While I might not go quite so far as to call them finally tuned athletes, definitely the top esports organizations are focusing on nutrition, and mental and physical health. It's the same kind of stuff that goes into training and conditioning for most top tier sporting competition.

Also, I doubt it's a coincidence that most top-tier gamers are in the early-to-mid 20s age bracket, just like many traditional athletes.

I watch a lot of esports (shit name though) - mostly Dota 2 and StarCraft: Brood War, as well as a little bit of Gran Turismo Sport and StarCraft II. I don't think I'd ever support their inclusion as actual Olympic sports, because of the lack of physical activity and physical competition involved.

But that's not to take anything away from the games and the competitors involved - they're incredibly skill-based games, often highly tactical and strategic, and all require a lot of talent to compete at the highest level. There's actually a lot of crossover between Gran Turismo pros and real life racing nowadays; because racing sims have become so lifelike they've become a great way to train (especially if you don't have financial resources to start off racing irl) and are being used to scout talent.

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Thats amazing. Somehow expected. Because the first time I watched a gran turismo race I was baffled. It just looks like real racing. Plus comentators, narrators, the camera takes on the pilots. Its really amazing and the only esport I can watch.

kirby007 said:

Im suprised by the general stance here that gaming isnt considered a sport

Probably because most of us here are a sad bunch of loners who dont like teamwork, unless it involves tag team trolling of those who don't support our console/ pc views. plus we're really old arthritic gamers who's online strategy involves camping and more camping because it's all we can do  but lets face it the main  reason is we can't think of a cool team name.

This is huge news, it should signal to the mainstream sporting scene that e-gaming is here to stay!

I dont think i can ever call a gamer, a Olympian.

For an old fart, I actually feel pretty open minded about this. Everything needs to change with the times, so why not the Olympics? In ancient times, the Olympics were very much derived from different combat abilities (Like the javelin, wrestling and such) and has slowly evolved into different, more modern things that aren't directly linked to warfare and fighting anymore. I think e-sports has earned a spot in the games, it might not be about the pinnacle of human physical prowess, but they take it very seriously on the highest level and requires a certain skill set just like any other sport. I'd venture to say it's even physically more demanding than some of the current Olympic sports.