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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are you guys cool with me posting content here?


Can I post my weekly vids here?

Sure! 24 68.57%
No thanks... 8 22.86%
wAtcH My YT viDeOs t0o 3 8.57%

Legitimate question in the post topic!  This includes mods' input as well.  I used to post my vids here weekly and would post in threads while I was here (much like I did last week, and a few times before that recently) over 4 years ago when I was in my own "season one".  I'm keenly aware of being at the mercy of mods when it comes to doing things like this, but also understanding if it becomes "annoying" and people would rather I didn't.  I ALSO understand that allowing me to do this means possibly opening the floodgates to every Tom, Dick, and Harry that has a YouTube channel.

BUT, that's what the poll is for: an anonymous way of saying, "hell nah, get that lame shit outta here!" or "I remember you, I'm cool with it".

Let me know, thanks!

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You're cool with me. Post away!

Twitter: @d21lewis

"I remember you, I'm cool with it". *Thumbs Up*

No issues, your videos are pretty good

Sure, no issues really, if it ever gets a bit much you can just make a dedicated thread to your videos, activity is a bit light lately so I don't particularly want to restrict it further providing your videos have substantial stuff, for long videos I would provide a brief description, ultimately as long as the community is okay with it then I am, my singular mod opinion, not speaking for the team as a whole.

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Sure. The content was always quality, meaning that it's better than 99% the stuff we usually post.

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Even if your videos aren't exactly made for the VGC community specifically, that one you posted last week gave me a good rush of fun VGC vibes like I haven't really had here too much in recent years. I don't think people mind you posting your videos, but beyond that, I genuinely feel they make the place better.

JRPGfan said:

"I remember you, I'm cool with it". *Thumbs Up*

What he said...

Wow, I'm a little smitten that you would all openly be supportive I made it a poll because I figured being anonymous keeps people "honest", but it's honestly heartwarming you all spoke out openly!

Welp, my Monster Hunter Rise review is going up on Thursday, so I'll be posting that next!  I'll also do my best to participate in the forum where I can: I'm working two jobs and doing this channel, so time is a lot tighter than I make it appear, haha!

Check out my entertainment gaming channel!

No I'm not.

Because I didn't win the giveaways :(