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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Do you buy DLC for gamepass games?

No, but I rarely buy DLC. But if I liked the game enough I'd be about as likely to buy DLC as games I bought any other way.

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I've bought the AWE DLC for Control after playing the base game on GamePass.

I have bought Remnant: From the Ashes on disc after trying it on GamePass. I'm now planning to buy the DLCs, just waiting to see if a sale is coming by the time I finish the base game first.

...aaaand I just bought and started Murder on Eridanos dlc for The Outer Worlds :P

Yup. If I enjoy the game and it has micro transactions I’ll usually buy some to support the dev as well.

I would never buy add-ons for a rental, doesn't make sense to me. I hardly ever by DLC though. already uncomfortable with the digital only aspect of most DLC. I used to buy plenty physical expansion packs yet that time is long gone.

I do tend to buy games several times to support the developers or get the premium edition. Usually end up with digital and physical edition with games I really like.

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I can't see myself ever buying dlc for a game that I don't own.

For some reason I never buy DLC's. When I finish a game I just move on, can't go back. I would only play DLC's that can be played BEFORE you finish the main game, like soulsborne series.

Not as of yet, but I'm open minded to it! I don't hardly ever buy dlc though, so I guess I don't count. One series I've bought a ton of dlc for over the years is Total War. If MS buys SEGA and TW comes to Gamepass you can bet your butt, my butt, and everyone else's butts that I will be buying dlc lol. I LOVE Total War games!

Yes definitely.

I bought:
Seed of Evil DLC for Mutant Year Zero
Sci Fi Pack for Tracks
Hot Garbage for Journey to the Savage Planet
Middle-earth: Shadow of War Season Pass
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Season Pass
All DLCS for Guacamelee 2
Several DiRT Rally 2.0 DLCs
All DLCs for Shantae Half-Genie Hero

Next up, probably:
The Outer Worlds DLCs

I bought the pre-order DLC for Outriders yesterday. I also bought some Gears DLC when I was playing through those games.