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Forums - Sales Discussion - Ultimate Console Showdown: 2021 FINISHED

Updated numbers with WEEK 52!
Adjustments have been made!

Since @Zippy6 is gone the charts can't be finished for now ..

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Thank you it was fun following the charts over the year

Big adjustments have been made to all comparisons!
Also Playstation 5 vs Nintendo Switch'18 was changed to '17 since PS5 finished more closely to Switch'17 than to 2018 year.
I will be updating the 2022 thread with Playstation 5 vs Nintendo Switch'18 instead of 2019, since with these shortages 19M for PS5 in 2022 looks like a long shot.

Adjustments made! Both for current consoles and old consoles.

Even though the thread is old, it's good the data to match. And since january there have been adjustments for pretty much every console from the comparisons. The NDS got adjusted to exactly 27M in 2009, and therefore it passes the Switch'21 by exactly 2M.
The XBOX 360 2015 was adjusted from 930k to 570k therefore it's not a competitor to XB1'21 and I changed the comparison to Wii's 14 where it did 845k. The XB360 2014 was adjusted from 2.7M to 2.2M which is a hair less than what PS4 did in 2021 and therefore the PS4'21 now beats XB360'14.
All of the current consoles sales in 2021 were adjusted too since there were adjustments since january for them as well.

It's something like a new software update for your old last gen device

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