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Forums - Sales Discussion - How much will Monster Hunter Rise sell lifetime? (Switch + PC)

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How much will Monster Hunter Rise sell lifetime (Switch + PC)

Under 3m 1 0.87%
3m - 4.9m 0 0%
5m - 6.9m 2 1.74%
7m - 9.9m 12 10.43%
10m - 14.9m 46 40.00%
15m - 19.9m 36 31.30%
20m - 25m 14 12.17%
Over 25m 4 3.48%
Wyrdness said:

Seems to be consistently selling 200k a quarter at this point on Switch so by the time Sunbreak arrives it'll be above 8m on the platform alone only MHW on PS4 has sold more on a single platform at this point but it's looking like Rise will catch up to that figure especially with a Sunbreak Master Edition.

MHW shipped 300k more in the same quarter. I wonder how many of those are PS4?

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Kyuu said:


- No I'm well aware of the context which is why I know your argument is flawed and that it is you ignoring context for the sake of your stance especially as you skipped over the second example of Generations on Switch. To top it off you seem to think the difference in sales performance is due to graphical differences when it's down to the subculture nature of the fanbase, much like Pokemon a large part of the appeal for MH was the social element which meant the adhoc feature the PSP games and later the 3DS games provided gave the portable versions an experience the home versions could never replicate even with online. MH has lan style gathering events in Japan much like Pokemon does across the world even having tournament scenes like the latter, one of the biggest appeals of these events is meeting other players in person and forming a hunting party with your hunters while socializing in person this is something home console versions can never mimic. MHW did well because the progression of online tech allowed the home versions to finally forge an identity of their own hence why it plays more akin to a MMO, before that they were just console MH games that actually had less features because of what they couldn't replicate. Your whole view that if all platforms have similar fidelity it should be fine highlights a huge misunderstanding of the series on your part.

- Much of Tri's issue is addressed in the first part.

- Addressed in my earlier posts as well the first part of this one highlighting why the are two lines.

- You still haven't explained how selling 8m sales at full has cost them profits to the alternative and to top it off you're assuming the sales will stay the same under your suggestion, I've highlighted in the first part why that isn't going to be the case as either the home consoles of hybrid versions would suffer under your suggestion. Your whole argument is all over the place you're harping on about PC underperforming and use that as an excuse against exclusiveness when it screams be exclusive, you bring up Tri underperforming to try and back this up when the series went on to continue being exclusive after it. I mean you're saying skip over 7m sales for a platform where your product sold 100 or 200k this doesn't make any logical sense given the situation business sense will tell you to just stick to the 7m plus platform.

Even your "New standard" argument is poor because Rise on Switch has met the new standard it did it in one week it's going to match not only the other platforms but will likely catch up to the PS4 version of world just fine and also outsold all of Capcom's other games released in the same period easily this includes games like RE Village which is on three platforms your whole argument here is not well thought out, Capcom very much cares about how much it sells on Switch if it's outselling their other major games by itself.

- PC becoming Capcom's main platform means what to Switch exactly? NS has been getting different games from developers tailored more to it since day one this is more a thing that affects PS5 and XSX. Rise line will continue for a simple reason it has it's own dedicated huge following that it is tailored to which in turn continues to creates huge sales even in the wake of World, Capcom even highlighted this in one investors meeting prior to Rise's announcement that World hadn't reached a certain key demographic which they were going to rectify with a new title which turned out to be Rise.

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The problem is that World is just a bigger and better game. Rise on the PC is inferior to World. If someone is going to buy a MH game which one would you or a majority of the people recommend?


Kyuu said:


- You continue to parrot about Rise not being an additive revenue with no explanation behind this thought process, Capcom had another big year of income because of the performance of a game like Rise so until you can come up with something concrete other than you just claiming it that part of your argument has little to stand on. It isn't me overestimating Rise's sales potential it's you trying to downplay it as Rise on NS has already hit the sales threshold Capcom wanted and continues to to sell.

- You've already been proven wrong on individual versions mattering by Capcom's own comments to their investors on why Rise was developed in the first place, Rise is a game develop specifically for a demographic world doesn't really hit. Capcom don't care much about the comparison if Rise still is one of their best selling games in history because unlike you they very much factor in the things I've already highlighted to you as far as Capcom are concerned they're not looking at it in the comparison you think they're looking at this iteration of MH and saying the two Rise and World sold over 30m combined and continues to sell.

- I've provided clear cut arguments such as the difference between the two lines and why it's the better approach to get the most out of the series from each platform it's not a problem of mine if you refuse to accept it as your only response was a bizarre argument about one platform under performing to argue against another that is. Rise's PC issue even backs my earlier posts about the differences in the lines as Rise is structured and designed more in line with the Freedom games so on a stationary platform like PC it's inferior to not only World but also the NS version even with the upping of fidelity which comes to the next point.

- Rise if ported to other platforms won't sell that much as seen on PC the same way other ported MH games didn't sell much on the platforms they weren't really built for, World would not sell well on Switch either. Why your scenario is flawed is because it ignores not only the factors I've highlighted prior but also intricate factors for example World 2 simultaneously on all platforms guess which platform most people in Japan will go for? The PS version would lose sales significant sales as not many will double dip and depending on fidelity the NS successor could lose sales in the west the result is where as PS and NS could sell potentially 10 each with two lines they may only sell 10-14m combine with one line which would be a drop a potential drop of 6-10m. So off the bat you're already in the situation where Rise and World may sell significantly more than this approach another factor is the consistency question is World really a new standard or a flash in the pan moment as Capcom never bothered to push the series in the west before but now that people know what type of series it is.

Portable side always has Japan and its subculture to keep sales more consistent, the west who don't have the same subculture and are more fickle especially on platforms like Xbox and PC I guarantee you a dedicated portable version will always match or outsell these two, this is why your whole argument is flawed it not only lacks an understanding of why MH has two lines but also ignores the intricacies while is built off the back of an argument that has questionable logic to it. PC not performing asks questions of it as a platform for MH not elsewhere it could be that PC players now know what type of game it is so aren't as interested in the series who knows but the problem is clearly one for it as a platform and not elsewhere.

Kyuu said

No offense but some of your argument are quite weak and you ain't proving shit.

You're making a false equivalence between "two console exclusive lines" vs "one multiplat line" by combining two games developed in different times (World + Rise) and comparing them to a single unified World to give the highly misleading impression that the one line model  hurts sales somehow.
A unified Monster Hunter World across all systems can be made every 3 or 4 years and sell 23-30~ million per entry (33-42~ million counting expansions). Yes, Playstation and Switch would eat into each other's sales, but you still failed to explain why Capcom should give a damn when the total increase is 10-15M (20M+ counting expansions) per game if World 1 and Rise are anything to go by (You can't say World 1 was a flash in the pan until it's proven to be the case with World 2).

The moment you combined Rise and World (over 3 years apart), you showed partiality and lost this discussion. Because the correct comparison would be World 1 + Rise vs World 1 + World 2. As things stand, Rise and World compete over the same development resources. If Rise didn't exist, World 2 would have been developed instead. You conveniently deleted that from your flawed equation, to push the narrative that it's a bad model. There won't be a "potential drop of 6-10m." in the sense that actually matters for Capcom.

The demographic Capcom tried to tap into didn't give them great results. Even in Japan it's hardly outpacing World.

Please share some hard numbers about how many copies PC, Xbox, and Playstation versions of Rise you think will sell individually and combined, I'd like to bump up your post when the time comes. "Not much" is too vague. Do you agree or disagree than Xbox and Playstation can add 2M+? Be precise. How does porting to PS and Xbox hurt Switch, and why are you so opposed to the idea? Scaling up is an easy job and costs Capcom next to nothing.

The rest of your arguments are a bunch of speculations and irrelevant chaff.

- My arguments are fine it is your own that are weak especially as a lot of it hinges on a nonsensical argument.

- Nothing false here only the highlighting of the flaws in your argument and why Capcom tends to opt for two lines. This is highlighted in how your argument has to adjust and change every post while remains consistent.

- Combining the sales was to highlight to you the flaw in your sales thinking earlier the fact that you have attempted to twist context further proves my second point. It is even further proven by the fact that you didn't even read the flash in pan comment correctly. Your world 2 comment makes no sense as not only were Rise and World were in development at the same time they are as the two lines go part of the same iteration.

The fact that you don't get this highlights what I said about your lack of understanding of the series. Rise was always going to happen regardless of World and its follow up game it has its own dedicated team after all. The potential drop of 6-10m does matter to Capcom in every sense as remove Rise's sales from last year and Capcom's earnings drop significantly.

- The demographic matched World on individual platforms this part of your argument calls you out as like it or not 8m in less than a year on one platform easily meets the new standard no matter how badly you don't want to accept it. You're arguing as if one platform was meant to outsell three combined.

- I doubt porting Rise at this point to Xbox and PS will add 2m at all tbh. Your question was already answered long ago two lines give the games their best potential on the target platforms, would world have done well if it was an upscaled version Generations on PS4, Xbox and PC instead of a ground up experience? No, even with equal fidelity I've highlighted the key difference between the two lines that make a universal approach tricky.

- The rest is very much relevant you just have nothing to really debunk just swallow it. 

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Kyuu said:

No your arguments aren't fine and you have serious reading comprehension issues. Peace out.

What ever you say man. 

Monster Hunter Rise has now reached 10 million sold, thanks to the Sunbreak expansion.

Interesting, did it sell more than World?

Shatts said:

Interesting, did it sell more than World?

It should be at around half the total world has sold but has been out for only a year and three months and is only on two platforms where as World is on three.

10m would make it Capcom's joint second best selling game in history. 

The_Liquid_Laser said:

Monster Hunter Rise has now reached 10 million sold, thanks to the Sunbreak expansion.

It's done an interesting increase of 1m per quarter since the PC release, it may very well hit 15m total lt with the legs it is showing, number of active players on Steam also double since the games last peak.