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Metallox said:

That's a hard one, it's probably one that none of us know about, but if you want to know which band that is or was at least moderately popular is definitely bad, well, I honestly don't know. Linkin Park? I never liked them and genuinely think their sound was more noise than music. I know shit about music so I'm the least qualified to make such a statement, though.

I liked Linkin Park's first 2 albums, but man they sure did take a turn for the worse. Went from making nu metal to ultra poppy rock. Their alienation of their original fanbase was reflected in their sales too, dropped from 12x and 7x platinum on the first two down to 4x on the 3rd and then single platinum or below on every later album. 

mZuzek said:


Can't say I agree on that one. While I'm not a fan of their creepy Texas Chainsaw Massacre looking masked personas, I enjoy a good many of their songs. Corey Taylor is a fantastic vocalist with a huge range and I enjoy his work in both Slipknot and Stone Sour. Not only do they have some good metal songs like Dead Memories and Vermillion Part 1, but they also have some great softer tracks like Snuff and Vermillion part 2.

I do not like soundgarden. I can’t stand it.

edit: I came in knowing icp would be the first band listed. I used to bump that shit way too loud. Slightly ashamed that I still connect with it. I don’t want to like it. It’s shitty and hella negative. But it’s funny and occasionally deep. 

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AngryLittleAlchemist said:

Definitely not the "worst" band ever, but Pearl Jam is definitely one of my least liked bands. Really I love Black and a few other things are cool/ok but everything else I've heard is awful. Eddie Vedder is definitely one of the most grating vocalists and very overrated.

There are definitely bands worse than Pearl Jam. But when I think of my least liked bands that had music forced into my ears by radio stations and friends/family, Pearl Jam tops that list.

I don't know about objectively worst but I can't stand Kings of Leon

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mZuzek said:



The worst bands and solo artists I've ever heard never really become popular. 

However, if you want to talk about someone who gets played far more than I like it's Rick Astley.  I remember that short time he was popular in the 80's.  I thought, "Man this guy sucks, but soon people will get tired of him, and then I'll never have to hear his music again."  Boy was I wrong.


Wonderwall... those held notes... make my ears bleed.