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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - New 50 minutes long Nintendo Direct tomorrow

Breath of the Wild 2 is closer than everybody thinks :)

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Dulfite said:

You think oceans exists?

Not at the rate we're going!



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50min with 40min of SMAAASSHHHH!!

don't expect botw2, don't expect botw2, don't expect botw2, don't expect botw2!

Damn it I am going to be so disappointed! There I'm ready... I think!

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

Stared at an abyss for 4 days, damn, dunno how I survived this long.

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Pls Nintendo I just want Astral Chain 2 :(


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zero129 said:
SKMBlake said:

I want more cloud games

Why? I mean if them company's ever shut down the servers how can you be compensated? or play the game that you paid full price for?. Id understand buying them if the was the promise you could download a digital copy onto a future more powerful switch. But buying them and having them kept in the cloud just doesn't seem like a wise investment to me. Id understand if Nintendo had their own cloud service and charged a fee to play a bunch of games on it like ms with game pass for android. But this way and the google stadia way of buying one full game at full price thats stuck in the cloud just doesnt sit with me..

And also am i the only one who wish Nintendo would release some Mario Kart 8 DLC instead of smash -_- .

Because the Switch is my main console, and I love playing on it, the Pro controller is fantastic, and it is very silent + portability.

From my perspective, I don't buy the game, I buy the right to play it. And as Trunks said previously, same for me, I bought Control, played it (a lot - it's actually my most played game of 2020), but now I don't have any intention to play it again. And the service barely started its life.

I bought Hitman III, played all the game, now I'm considering buying the DLCs, but when I'll be done with the game, there will be still plenty of years of availability.

I don't know, maybe because 90% of my Switch library is digital based games (and 100% of my PS4 library), which represent around 70 games I will not ever play again, having a cloud-based game doesn't bother me.

And I have more "faith" in the future of a successful console's library, even cloud based ones, rather than Google

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