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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Update: Other Sonic cast members may be replaced as well | The end of an era, RCS is no longer the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog

VAMatt said:

I don't give a damn about Sonic's voice. Nobody plays Sonic games for the story, we just want the cut scenes to end so we can get on to the next level

Pretty much.

I'm genuinely surprised anybody cares.

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Mr Puggsly said:
VAMatt said:

I don't give a damn about Sonic's voice. Nobody plays Sonic games for the story, we just want the cut scenes to end so we can get on to the next level

Pretty much.

I'm genuinely surprised anybody cares.

You'd be surprised... 

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shikamaru317 said:
PAOerfulone said:

Huge sigh of relief!!

Mike Pollock is STILL Dr. Eggman!!!

Nice. What a weird situation though, seems like they are recasting just about every character but Eggman. I wonder why they kept him. Maybe they wanted the movie cast for the next game but they found out that Jim Carrey wanted too much money, so they're sticking with good old reliable Mike and using the movie cast for the other characters. Dunno. 

I think it's more that Robotnik tends to have a gravelly voice in the games, which Mike has proven capable of doing even 17 years later.

So there is a Nintendo insider and blogger who did a blog recently about what he has heard about what Sega is working on for the 30th anniversary this year:

-New 3D Sonic. Sonic Team in Japan is effectively dead, Sonic has been given to Sega of America and SoA built up a new Sonic dev in the US which Iizuka is now leading and he isn't even sure if they will still be called Sonic Team on the game cases or if the studio has a new name, says Sega thought it was best to start fresh with a new team in the US since Forces flopped and since Sonic is more popular in the US than in Japan. Full 3D, no 2D sections. Boost gameplay is gone, spin dash and Adventure like character upgrades are back, multiple playable characters but he isn't sure which beside Sonic will be playable, but says that Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow are all very likely. He says the actors are not being replaced because they are using the Sonic movie voices, says Paramount's Sonic movies are being handled completely separately from the games (more likely they are changing the actors for the new Netflix show next year and are using those actors in the next game. Says he heard the game is still on schedule for a late 2021 release with a small possibility of slipping into early 2022, and is cross-gen multiplat, so basically Switch/PC/XB1/XS/PS4/PS5 and maybe Stadia and Luna.

-No Sonic Mania 2 but we are getting a new 2D Sonic for the 30th anniversary. He says he heard that Sega believes future classic Sonic 2D games are best left to fans to create, says Sega is giving those devs full support to continue making fan games, because the fans are better at making them than Sega is anyway. Says Sega sees modern Sonic as the future of the brand, not nostalgia for the past, says modern has more potential for tv shows, merchandise, comics, and other alternative forms of revenue. Instead he says the next official 2D Sonic has modern Sonic characters designs, much like the Sonic Advance and Sonic Rush games, and he says he thinks Dimps might be developing it but he's not sure.

-A Sonic Collection of some sort, he says he believes that M2 are developing it in tandem with Sega. He is not 100% sure what all games are in this, but he said he heard that Sonic 3 is not in it, because of the legal issues they had with the Michael Jackson estate over Jackson's involvement with the soundtrack and DBZ over Hyper Sonic looking too much like a Super Saiyan. Says 1 and 2 won't be the Christian Whitehead remakes of them, but rather the M2 developed versions from the Sega Ages collection. He also heard that they plan to include games that are no longer in circulation and are hard to find, so possible contenders include Sonic R, Sonic Advance 1-3, Pocket Adventure, Knuckles Chaotix, and more.

-A new Mario and Sonic Olympics game for the 2022 Winter Olympics. However, he says this project is at risk of being cancelled. Sega already released an Olympics game for the Tokyo Summer Olympics, an Olympics that might never happen now due to Covid, then there is the whole issue with the 2022 Winter Olympics being hosted in China. China is quite controversial right now between their role in the spread of the Covid pandemic, aggressions into Japanese waters, democracy crackdowns in Hong Kong, threats against Taiwan, persecution of Christians and Muslims in China, and more. He says Sega and Nintendo don't really want to get mired in the controversy about China so they might cancel the game. Says he's 50/50 on rather the game continues development or gets cancelled in the coming months.

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