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the laughing girl in horrorgames makes me wanna ditch it

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Is it as good or better than control?

KratosLives said:

Is it as good or better than control?

They say worst because there is literally zero gameplay on this game.

It takes genuine talent to see greatness in yourself despite your absence of genuine talent.

This is what is great about Gamepass. There is no way that I would buy a 72 rated horror game. But, I will give it a try on GP. I find that when i try games that seem kinda "meh", i end up playing probably 40% of them all the way through and enjoying them. So, I'm being exposed to games I otherwise wouldn't have played. 

72 is a low score?

I predicted a 70. Game is better than I expected so far. I guess as an older gamer I’m just out of touch with what kids think are low scores these days. I remember reading PSM and EGM and other magazines and not caring if games got 5’s or 6’s let alone 7+.

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I'll play it eventually. I buy almost any game with a female protagonist.
Even then, based on the footage we've seen, I didn't expect this to be a GotY contender. Unfortunately, I don't see it as a "next gen" showcase, either. Just a potentially engaging diversion.

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