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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Resident Evil 8 releases May 7th, cross-gen, PS5 exclusive demo available today

KratosLives said:

If it's directed by the same guy that made the last game, I won't be buying day one. The game was too short, was great till you exit the house,and missing content was sold off as dlc.

Res 7 was directed by the same guy that directed Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2. Res 8 isn't directed by him, but it is directed by one of the leads on Res 7, one of the 2 co-lead writers on Res 7. 

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RE7 was excellent, especially on VR. I’m looking forward to this game....when it drops in price, like I always do with the games I want to play.

I will most likely get it day 1, though it feels strange for a company to moneyhat a demo.

Great, tonight I download the demo on my PS5

Still not interested in it. The series since 6 has gone off the rails with what the franchise originally had in mind for years. Going first person and adding in witches/vampires/gargoyle creatures just doesn't scream Resident Evil to me.

I really wish Japanese companies would stop being so tightwad with their IP's and just make new ones, rather than twisting their existing ones into completely different ones (I know Western ones can also b guilty of this).

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Nice, will give the demo a go. Still have yet to play 7 though lol

I wish it was in VR...
And RE games often seem supernatural in the beginning only to be "science gone wrong" at the end. Have faith.

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Dis gon b gud.

Just played the demo. Its very short, but sweet. Its still very much Resident Evil.

One thing that stands out to me is the audio. The 3D sound is amazing.. can hear every footstep and creak and noises in the house and be able to pinpoint its exact location. Adds so much to the atmosphere.

Also for people trying out the demo.. turn off camera acceleration and bump up sensitivity. Default settings suck.

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Barely played RE VII even though I bought it the same year it was released for ~€15. Definitely going to wait a lot longer before I will purchase the sequel if it all.
Will likely end up in Game Pass or I will buy it for €5, whatever happens first.